Is Amazon a corrupt company?


I’m wondering if I should boycott it or not.


Why amazon? What have you heard / read?


I heard that they overwork employees and look for ways to fire their employees once they no longer need them so they don’t have to pay for unemployment insurance or something like that.


Many of these huge companies treat their employees badly. I try to avoid Tescos and Asda as much as I can for that reason. But it’s hard. They’re often one step away from a monopoly.


Chicago made an offer to take them if New York doesn’t want them. We could use the work.


I work at Amazon. As far as facilities in the USA go, the working conditions are more than tolerable. I actually really like working here.


If you boycott, do you expect a company the size of Amazon to notice that?


With as much as I and hubby spend there they would definitely notice. :astonished::money_mouth_face:


I have relatives who have worked there and didn’t complain. It was seasonally, so with the expectation that they would probably be let go at the end of the holidays.


I do not think so, but the National Enquirer’s treatment of its CEO was not so good.


Welcome to the USA. If you boycott every company that does that, you’ll be cutting your shopping options way way back.


Yes, it’s all about expectations.
People taking jobs pulling items from the shelves at Amazon - a process that’s likely to get even more automated than it is already - likely know, or find out really fast, that the job is difficult, burns people out and most of the people who take it are likely to quit after a while if they aren’t let go for not being fast enough. I’m sure there are other jobs at Amazon in the corporate side of the house that are just normal jobs, such as marketing manager, administrative assistant, etc. and that people hired into the normal jobs are kept on in the same way companies normally keep on workers that it would be costly to replace.

It’s like when people work in fast food, there used to be an understanding that it was mostly part-time work for people in high school or college to do on the side, not a living wage job for a parent to support two kids and get benefits, unless perhaps the parent was angling to become a Mcdonald’s manager.


As someone in tech, that can really depend on the company. While it is often team dependent, there are companies like Microsoft, Google, and Facebook that have generally good reputations for how employees are treated. Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, and Netflix have reputations that…aren’t as good. With that said, every Amazon and Tesla employee, both current and former, I’ve talked to liked the job. They just found it stressful, and some left because of that stress.

I can imagine it being difficult from a city’s perspective. On the one hand, tech is a pretty reliable investment for high-paying jobs. On the other hand, it is also a pretty reliable investment for rising cost-of-living and homelessness, if Seattle and San Francisco are anything to go by.

This is another thing to consider: The media portrayal of these companies tends to be far from reality, both for good and ill.


A company cannot be corrupt. Only people in the company can be corrupt.


Also hard drives. I get those messages anyway. :slight_smile:


So Amazon is an okay company? I heard Amazon doesn’t really follow regulations though like breaks and stuff.


Stock is high, business is good, and I don’t have any problems with them.

That said it is no secret that Trump dislikes Bezos the CEO so he asked the post office to raise postal rates on them. Bezos countered by setting up his own delivery service though not totally yet.


Is amazon a corrupt compagny?

A little search on internet and we find some articles that illustrated it.

Amazon is accused in Europe by authorities (eg France, UK) of tax optimization and disloyal concurency among others compagnies.
In 2017, the European commission exiged from Amazon that they restitued 250 millions of euros of tax advantages to Luxembourg?

Amazon is alos accused of created unsteady jobs, low paid jobs and put pression on employees.
In Scotland some employees had been obliged to sleep on tents because they cannot afford the travel between their home and their workplace.
In United Kingdom is accused to treat his employees (even pregnant women) as robots by a syndicat.
In France, some public investigations found that many of the Amazon’s employees have health problems associated with their work.
They put pressions on all the editorial chain by requiring some discount.

And we can add that theses types of compagny kill littles local bookshops.

So, as a syndicalist has said me, there is many reasons to avoid Amazon if we have an alternative.


In USA, the large chain bookshops are actually the ones that went out of business because of Amazon. “Little local bookshops” often have a specialty clientele, or they offer things that Amazon can’t, such as book readings, local events etc. The people who shop at such bookshops often do not use Amazon. Usually when I’ve seen a “little local bookshop” go out of business, it’s because the owner decided to retire or move on, and/or because it was very poorly managed or the landlord raised the rent or some factor other than Amazon. Many “little local bookshops” also sell their books mail order on the Amazon secondary marketplace, so Amazon is helping their business, not hurting it.

Also in USA, people don’t really see Amazon as a bookseller anymore and haven’t for years. It’s become more of a place to get home goods, groceries, gifts etc by mail order, similar to what Sears department store used to do many decades ago. It’s also a provider of streaming video.

Tax laws don’t show anything about whether a company is corrupt. Tax law to me just means the country charging the tax wanted a cut of the money. Let the tax lawyers sort it out.

There are always people who don’t like to shop at Amazon or other big companies, and that’s fine, it’s a preference, don’t shop there for whatever reason you like. A lot of other people enjoy the convenience of not having to drive around to 5 stores looking for something that’s not in stock when you can go on Amazon, find it and have it sent to you. Saves me gas money and time.


In as much as McDonalds is open for both breakfast and lunch, it would be impossible for them to staff themselves entirely with students. Students are only going to be available during a third of their operational hours. Their business model requires full-time employees, therefore they should pay full-time wages and benefits.

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