Is America more or less religious?

And why? And how about the rest of the world?

Howdy. My area is still very religious. They are mostly Protestant. I would say that it’s often mixed with patriotism, culture, and sentimentality. There isn’t a great emphasis on tradition. Can’t speak for the world. The Asian folks I knew in grad school were pretty irreligious, although they kept up with their traditional culture. I think it’s probable that fewer people are attending church. Everything is so privatized

Less, with little doubt.

Take me, for instance. I grew up in religion in America. I have put it aside for now.

Even in places where faiths are growing, I don’t think there’s a net-gain in the religious. They’ve just jumped from one faith to another.

The root is the growing belief in the primacy of materialism and determinism and religion’s difficulty in meeting those standards.

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“More or less religious” compared to what?

Do you mean, “more religious” than the USA was 50 years ago?

Or do you mean “more religious” than some other country?

It’s really unclear what the question is.


the “nones” are increasing and a major party is catering to them, even claiming they are the majority in the party (they are only a majority when the Christians are separated by denomination).

the party is trying to make America less religious and are succeeding. IMHO

More or less religious than what it was before.

I tend to take the rise of Nones…and I’m one of them…with a grain of salt. What I do think is happening is that it’s now acceptable to be labeled as None.

I think most people in 1950 through 1980 would just never have called themselves as anything other that than their family faith. Starting in the 80’s, it became more and more acceptable to be honest about it. Just my opinion…but overall, yes. The US is less religious.

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Church parking lots of the many various Christian churches near me a full every Sunday

I believe I read on Pew Research that America is generally less religious. As for the reason, that’s another research question. I live in the Bible Belt, though, so there’s a Protestant church on every corner it seems.

Pew Research has all types of interesting studies on religion, by the way:

Here’s a Pew study that discusses how Christianity is decreasing in America:

I’d say yes and no.

Fewer people in USA nowadays are inclined to belong to a particular church or practice a particular religion. This is because society no longer expects everybody to belong to a church, to attend weekly church services etc. There used to be a social expectation that people would do this, and a person who did not belong to any church or practice any faith was negatively regarded. That’s all gone away.

However, the people who do choose to belong to a church and practice a faith tend to be stronger in their faith because they’re choosing to go to church, practice a religion, and generally put in the time to be religious, not just going because society expects it or because “we’ve always gone” or whatever. In fact, nowadays society might look down on you for going to church, so you have to be really committed to go in spite of getting snarky remarks from your peers or getting made fun of by some atheist late night talk show host. So, fewer in numbers, stronger in their beliefs.

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