Is America the new Roman Empire?


No, we’re not even close to being like Rome.

I read a book a few years back which answered this question very quickly,
"Are We Rome ? " by Cullen Murphy.



Oh boy, yet another in the endless line of “America on the brink of destruction” threads.

I can understand why non-US people might discuss this topic with near-glee, but why do US citizens get such a charge out of predicting endless gloom and doom? I’ve heard every prediction in my life from secession to nuclear annihilation to “The Handmaid’s Tale” coming true in real life. Can’t say as I waste much time dwelling on the subject.


Yes it is. We are in the later days of the Pax Romana.

The US is the most powerful that existed due to our technology. But I think other empires were greater given the technology of the time.


I find it finny as i heard a few people say about the handmaid’s tale coming true aswell and i’m just thinking how on earth could it happen in a country that is becoming increasingly secular and hostile to God. It’s almost as if the more secular the west gets the more paranoid it is getting. Hopefully it doesn’t become as paranoid as other atheistic dictatorships such as communist Russia and currently communist China. Anyway God is victorious in the end so we shouldn’t dwell too much on it


The US can’t be invaded by those countries due to the oceans that separate us and our civilian firearms. What is happening is an invasion of foreigners who will change the nature of the country. Eventually people from North and South America will really invade the land, but not militarily.

What can you do for me is the political question. When the answer is nothing no one will care to help us. Many are tired of America.


Yes, in a way

I think a messy (messy as in more than a commonly assumed 2 sides) civil war is much more likely than a Russian/Chinese invasion


Very odd belief for a Catholic to hold. America was founded as a very anti-Catholic Protestant nation.


You see this theme coming up over and over again - there was an old sci-fi movie called “A Boy and his Dog” that featured a whole group of religious, patriotic Americans forming a Big Brother-type fascist dictatorship. To me it just shows a huge unfounded and frankly, weird fear of both religion and patriotism.


Huh, could’ve sworn Charles Carroll of Carrollton was Catholic… oh wait…


The British had an empire. We’re in a different time, politically. We have worldwide influence, but not worldwide power in the absolute sense. We couldn’t enforce our will without diplomacy and cooperation from our allies.


Ah yes. Let’s ignore the dozens of Freemasons and “Enlightenment” era philosophies involved in the founding of the United States because there was a single Catholic signatory to the Declaration of Independence. Nevermind that the “American Values” we laud today unscrupulously were almost entirely condemned as an eponymously named heresy. America is that shining beacon on a hill! :roll_eyes:


mess with the the bull; you get the horns


Interestingly, if you overlay a map of the United States over the Roman Empire, Rome aligns perfectly with Las Vegas… Precisely on the spot of Ceasar’s Palace. Scary, very scary.


!dlrow eht eeS !yvaN eht nioJ


Sounds hopeless.



when the navy fights WE FIGHT

we don’t just squeeze the triggers of little handguns & point bayonets at each


Doesn’t mean there wasn’t a long and deeply entrenched history of anti-Catholicism. Look how the Irish and Mexicans were perceived.


In my experience, no one fights a sailor like a sailor. :sunglasses:


yes sir

as usual just leave the heavy lifting to USN


If there is a God, be sure that he has no particular interest in any nation state. Why would he? The US, like all states, is a passing phenomenon.

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