Is America the new Roman Empire?


I don’t know about the U.S. as being the “Babylon” but we certainly do have our modern version of Sodom and Gomorrah. I can only pray that the US is the new Israel as in times before the rise of Rome. Then we could be having our own version of David:joy::scream::heart_eyes:


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getting back on topic;

i’d offer this:

“america” is far less an imperialistic nation than “rome”

“america” is not a pagan empire
rome was

the romans were quite confused about their paganism

what statue, what tree , what god/goddess were they supposed to worship?

it all got jumbled to them; because paganism ultimately makes no sense

that is why , in the end, christianity prevailed


Hate to break it too you.

God isn’t that interested in humans being powerful .
God is interested in humans worshipping Him, living a good and holy life and being humble servants


I have only heard of this paranoia coming from hard-Leftists. I always imagined it was them projecting their own totalitarian tendencies.


God forbid !


Don’t worry…

We have our own toys for airstrikes…with bigger payloads.

May I introduce our little friend, the B-1…top published speed of Mach 1.2 and the largest bomb payload in the Air Force.

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Not true, Rome installed puppet states that effectively paid taxes to Ceaser. The united states is constantly heavily involved in regime change for puppet governments that support their agenda. They actually behave the same, the US uses the smart tactics the Romans used while the British used the violent tactics of scorched earth and attempted to exterminate or subdue by force. Britain behaved more like Rome during it’s most savage period as the British were certainly not intelligent to do what the US is doing today thus why they trail along America’s coat tail as their empire is gone while the US influence grows. This won’t last forever if the US continues it’s policies however as Europe is starting to turn against them. Imperialism doesn’t work and the idea that some races are superior to others and should dominate is certainly against the natural law of human value and dignity.


Romans, back then, believed in homosexuality.
Men with boys. Statues.All sorts of philosophy.
Killing Christians. Nero !


Which one of the “puppet” regimes the US supports pays the US any taxes?


Rome had a level of immorality we’re not even close to seeing, thank God.

Slaves could be killed without question.

Arena’s in order to watch people tortured to death for entertainment, were the norm.

Sexual immorality along with worship of pagan gods was the norm.

There were no elections, no free speech nor freedom of religion.

The US isn’t near being like Rome.



Hidden sins can be just as big as sins known in public.

Killing a slave versus terminating innocent life in a clinic : is one worse than the other?

Then there’s the rampant pornography made available by the internet… Pornography (and relations outside of marriage) are seen as normal and not a big deal.


Abortion existed in the Roman Empire as well.

Only it was far more dangerous for the woman.



I still don’t see how we’re that much better than the Roman empire.


We have free elections, freedom of the press, free speech and freedom of religion.

You can walk down the street without having a soldier force you to carry his load.

We don’t have public crucifixions.

The list could go on, but if you haven’t understood the difference by now, you need some education on what life in ancient Rome was like,



I thought we were talking about the dissolution of moral values in society, not about free speech.

Our societies may sin in different manners, but there are still grave sins that are being increasingly promoted and tolerated, in public and private.


In a way, the Roman Empire was the height of civility back in its day- the best infrastructure , the highest standard of living. That’s why those outside the RE wanted to come in- folks like the Vandals.

Similarly, the USA is where people want to be today


I’m not going to argue that the USA are as imperialistic as Rome (that is setting the bar high), but interestingly enough our current economical climate actually allows for countries to pay taxes to the USA (or any other country). Because of the globalised economy it is possible for a man to own a company that earns money in several countries, with a share being transferred to him and the headquarters from each sale, which is then taxed by his government. Every dollar that goes out of one country (or any closed economic system) and to another causes inflation, unless an equal amount is sent back, and so one government profits at the expense of another (in principle no different than a tribute).

This is no significant amount, of course, at least not per individual multi-national company, but the pieces are in place for a complex system of taxation on foreign citizens, and if anyone is going to take advantage of it it will be the USA. That is if they aren’t already.

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