Is America the new Roman Empire?


We aren’t and I don’t see how we could take advantage of such an opportunity without being “outed.”

We have a self-image as the home of the free and defender of democracy. The multinational companies may not care about that and have no problem with being “imperialistic,” but our self-image as a nation curbs us a bit as a government. If we were to take over the world by force, that would not fit our definition of “greatness.” It would be a failure to adhere to our own self-mythology.


Having been all over the world, I assure you we Americans didn’t write the book on porn. It’s all over and always has been.

Not just by us, and while we’re certainly not exemplary, I’d rather live under our rules and have our issues than those of many other places.


Pulling it off is not going to be difficult for a country like the USA, but I think you’re right that the US government aren’t actively promoting this practice.

As for the extent of the influence your self image has on your government you probably know better than I, though I have to say that from an outside perspective I don’t recognize the nation you describe so romantically.


B-1B is an impressive bird
my son in law is in the air force

realistically, though, US Navy could launch 20 birds in the time it takes USAF to launch one

whatever; AF is all about deterrence

USN is about power projection



We can launch one with more payload than your twenty. :wink: Only takes one.

We’re also already there while y’all haul your airfield across the ocean.

We’ll catch you later with the close air support, sailor. :slight_smile: LOL.

(I think you’re the Marine, but that’s okay…I know enough Navy to know what “MARINE” stands for.)

**Note to civilians: it’s good natured inter service ribbing. We all know we can’t do what we do without the other. :slight_smile:


To serve His Purposes perhaps? Though I guess I sorta agree depending on what one means by “particular interest”.

People shouldn’t take America to be some special thing. It too can be punished, and with all the sin so many Americans do why wonder if things don’t go our way?


US and Rome both rose,
Rome fell and US will fall someday
Rome and US both had a big influence on much of the world


The US is a Godless, pagan nation from it’s very founding.

The Founding Fathers were degenerate freemasons, Our national values are heretical Pope Leo XIII rejected Americanism so should We good Catholics as well.

This nation deserves God’s Justice and the only Holy nation right now is Vatican City.

I am a Catholic first American second


Not a big surprise, but American citizens do see our nation as “leaders” rather than “rulers” of the world or else imagine that we ought to mind our own business and let other nations look out for themselves. (Many of us imagine other nations all secretly want to be like us, LOL…yes, people really believe that.)


I think we’ve got to be close to rock bottom in the US. With the reality TV show of a president and administration, the growing disparity in the economic system and the general moral decline, we have to be close…we will hopefully start heading upward. We some good people to take leadership positions…


The Declaration of Independence is hardly pagan and more in line with Catholic teaching than anything.

In fact I remember reading that it may have been inspired by a Catholic Monastery in France. Jefferson had been in communication with them and their own constitution is worded very similar to the US Constitution.

Also, despite being a secular society, we don’t worship statues and make blood offerings to them, as they did in the Roman Empire.

It’s good that you’re Catholic first, but I would add, be Christian first. There are those who are Catholic but have yet to become Christians.



Thomas Jefferson supported the Reign of Terror in France plus The Church supports the Social Reign of King which the American Consitution rejected and Catholics were loyalist during the Revolution not Patriot


Also the American revolutionaries hated the Church and inspired the French to destory the Monarchy of France which was more Catholic than the French Republic ever was


These contentions are over the top.
If you consider a “Founding Father” as someone who

  • signed the Declaration of Independence
  • signed the Articles of Confederation
  • attended the Constitutional Convention of 1787
  • signed the Constitution of the United States of America
  • served as Senators in the First Federal Congress (1789-1791)
  • served as U.S. Representatives in the First Federal Congress
    then there are 204 founders.
    Over half are Anglican/Episcopalian, which isn’t too surprising since the United States began as a colony of the English crown.

As for being Freemasons, the evidence is that 13 of the 39 who signed the Constitution and 13 of the 56 who signed the Declaration of Independence. (Even the Masons say that 8 of 39 Declaration signers can definitely be established to have been Masons, whereas possibly as many as 30 of 56 might have been Masons.
The evidence of membership for signers of the Constitution exist for nine of 56.

You could fairly say that many of the Founders had an extremely Protestant attitude–that is, they thought they had the authority to deem what should and should not belong to the deposit of a true Christian faith or a monotheistic faith–but that does NOT mean they worshiped mythological deities from either past religions or drawn from their own imaginations.

Pope Leo XIII rejected American attitudes that he thought were clearly dangers to the Catholic faith and was unsettled by the way the government had so adamantly distanced itself from the authority of the faith, but in truth this was what kept the Church of England or some other Protestant faith from being installed as the state religion. The Catholic faith was not in the running. The freedom to practice the Catholic faith in the US of A, therefore, was actually enhanced by the decision to make a clear distinction between the government and any particular denomination.


The Church has always rejected freedom of relgion has a heresy since it leads to Secluarism and indifferenism to the True Faith.

This nation was choosen by God to be Catholic since the Spainish and French got here first and actually converted the natives not heretical protestant which only happened due to the the British winning the French and Indian War.


This nation is infected with the heresy of Americanism which makes Catholics water down the Faith for getting along with non Catholics and getting a place at the table to achieve material wealth and comfort


I’m pretty sure that if Providence had intended to make the United States of American Catholic, Providence would have done so. We have at least not had persecutions of against the Church on the level of anti-Catholic government actions in Spanish-speaking regions of the Americas, which included destruction of churches, banning religious orders, confiscation of property belonging to the Church or to religious orders, and the murder of priests and religious.

I am not saying that many of the governments who committed these atrocities weren’t backed by the US government, mind you. I am saying that nations in the Americas who attempted to install the Roman Catholic Church as the state religion didn’t always do so well. It often turned out far worse.


So ?

Do you think the French Revolution is a bad thing or should they have kept the monarchy ?

Do you regret the US Revolution or should American Colonies remained under King George.

Granted, these revolutions were bloody, but in the context of those times, the people were fed up with being pushed around by those born into royalty and those in the power structure of the Church.

So, why don;t you show us where the US Declaration of Independence is in contradiction toward Catholic Doctrine.

Also, of course the Church supported the monarchy because the Church was in bed with royalty and nobles throughout Europe at the time.

That being said, we’re nowhere near being like the Roman Empire. Anyone who thinks so, really needs to read about the history of Rome.

Try the book I suggested, “Are We Rome ?” by Cullen Murphy.



I certainly wouldn’t offer up mass murder by a pack of proto-Communists as a GOOD thing…

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