Is America the new Roman Empire?


Heck, you don’t have to read the book, Are We Rome ? you can listen to the author here



Yes I reget the American revolt and all the sins that it inspired.

France before the Revolution was strong and Holy plus Our Lord told King Louis XIV to Considcrate France to His Sacred Heart.

Which would have prevented the Revolution and this evil modern age we live in.

Catholics would have been protected by the Crown after the Revolution since King Geogre III was a friend to the Church


France was hardly holy in those days

Burning heretics and imprisonment without due process was the norm and private citizens couldn’t do anything about it.

Yes, but revolutions were bloody, but were the alternatives more just ?

Probably not and we have to understand that the framers of the US Constitution, didn’t have to sign such a document. All the signers were well established men, who could’ve just gone back to their affluent lives and never taken up the cause.

However, when they signed the Declaration of Independence., King George issued a death order for them. If they had been caught, they would’ve all hung.

Also. the clergy of the Church would’ve been protected by the crown, but the ordinary person had no such protections.

It was a different cruel world to live in and they took great risk in their revolution.



They were rebels to a nation that was only trying to collect their taxes


There was more than just trying to collect taxes.

The Continental Congress was made illegal and the colonies were the subjects of KIng George.

They had no representation in government.

Heck, I’m not here to argue about the validity of the American Revolution.

The subject at hand is, are we the New Roman Empire ?

No, we’re not



Well considering that America is supporting homosexuals, false reglious worship and the porn captial of the world

Yes we are the Roman Empire and pagan


again…these things have been happening in Europe for far longer than here in America.


But unlike Europe America has influence all over the world so the scandal is greater and we support coups of governments we don’t like which is what Rome did too


I love that song!:relieved:


The porn capital of the world? There are more restrictions here on a lot of “vices” than in most of Europe…heck , in my state we just this year abolished an old “blue law” prohibiting sales of alcohol on Sunday…


Anyone who thinks the US is the “porn capital” of the world has obviously never heard of Amsterdam lol……


Yes…when I was in Munich nearly 18 years ago, I remember getting lost and ending up down a street which I’m pretty sure was the “red-light” district…quite the shock!


Oh Munich’s another place I’ve heard stories lol…Frankfurt and Stockholm too :stuck_out_tongue:


funny you should mention Frankfurt…my mom was over there a few years ago for St. Chrisopher’s Day…which has basically been turned into a gay pride parade.


OMG…but I’m not too terribly surprised lol.


*sigh…I know :frowning: it’s sad how saint’s days are turned into secular events…St. Patrick’s Day here is an example of that as well.


What’s this supposed to mean?


America has it’s problems, but I believe most of the world is better off from her existing. You don’t have to look any further than WW2, which could have turned out very differenly without the U.S.’ production power and fighting force.


Hardly. If France didn’t have severe problems, the king would have never called for the Estates General.

France lost the Seven Years War and was in deep straits that led to the revolution.


French military aid and ecnomic support for the patriot cause lead to the French Revolution

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