Is American Idol becomming too filthy?

I was a little mad that Flo Rida was allowed to perform. His song wasn’t something I’d want a young child to hear, and was just a repetitative sex song all and all. There wasn’t anything artistic about it. He couldn’t even dance. All he did was rip his shirt off and show is steroid muscles.

I was disappointed. I mean, the show is marketed twards very young people and they put on what belongs on SNL.

And the guy who is expected to win is gay. I’m not anti gay, but do not want there to be an openly gay Idol who will be used to promote gay marriagee.

So, don’t watch it. :shrug:

As far as becoming “filthy” is concerned, I don’t really care, but it is becoming more annoying… I like that Adam guy, though. He’s cute. :smiley:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Speaking as a recent Idol watcher, I’ll say that Adam Lambert is one of the finest singers I’ve ever seen who wasn’t already signed to a major label. In fact, he’s better than most singers currently signed to major (and minor) labels. He can flat out sing, and he has a phenomenal stage presence. Yes, he’s gay. While I’m not going to be on GLAAD’s Kwanzaa card list anytime soon, I’m certainly not going to make an issue of it. For that matter, neither has Adam. He hasn’t hidden it, but he’s not flaunting it either, at least not on the show; I’m aware of the internet pictures. Frankly, considering a lot of the role models out there, our children could do worse. He’s well-spoken, very polite, humble, and respectful of the judges, the mentors, and the situation. And I might not be first in line to buy his CD, but I’ll certainly be on the lookout for it.

As for the Flo Rida comments, I’ll agree 100%. He had no business being on this show, or any show whatsoever, for that matter. He just can’t sing. Unlike Adam. :slight_smile:

I don’t think American Idol is becoming too filthy. I agree, that guest artist was awful. A few seasons ago they had Tony Bennett–wish they would bring him back! And Stevie Wonder was on a few weeks ago–amazing! And Smokey Robinson! And Carrie Underwood. And Randy Travis–one of the most decent guys in the country music world.

So I would say that the decent far outweighs the filthy.

Also, we have wonderful artists in the competition this season. Danny Gokey is a youth pastor! And Scott McIntire was such an inspiration. Michael Sarver is a great example for all of us to work hard and pursue our dreams. Lil Rounds is amazing–married!–with three children (unlike other Idols who have had children without a husband around!). All of the contestants have beautiful families.

I honestly like all of them (although I’m glad that Megan got voted off–she was stunningly beautiful and I think she could have a great career as a actress, but she really couldn’t sing at all).

But I’m partial to Adam. I love creativity, and he’s full of it! Every week, I can’t wait to see what he’s come up with, and so far, I haven’t been disappointed. We are planning to go see the Idol tour for the first time ever just to see him!

Great comments, Borealis. I agree with you–Adam Lambert seems like a delightful person. Respectful is a good word for him. I agree that he would be a good role model for kids, at least when it comes to showing respect for those in authority.

If you want to avoid watching gay people in the media, then you’d better turn it all off. I have friends in the entertainment industry, and they claim that at least 50% of the entertainers (actors, singers, musicians, dancers, production, etc.) are gay.

That means that at least half the people on ANY TV show or play or movie are probably gay. So best to turn it all off if gayness offends you.

My feeling is, their sexual orientation does not affect their art. If someone is talented, they’re talented. The show is a singing competition, not a competition for sainthood. (That’s what life is.)

And being gay is not a sin–gay sexual acts are the sin. And whether they commit sexual sin is none of my business-they will answer to GOD for their sin. If they flaunt it openly, that’s offensive to me. But so far, Adam Lambert has not flaunted his sexual orientation at all.

Question: is it a fact that he is gay, or is he just being pictured in the gay publications because he is so very “handsome?” Currently a figure skater named Johnny Weir is all over the gay publications, but he has never publicly come out. He is very appealing-looking and it is understandable that gay and straight people admire his good looks and interesting personality. But no one knows for sure whether he is gay, or whether he is just attractive to gay men.

Has the same thing happened to Adam Lambert, or has he actually come out? Thanks.

I unno…I think if somebody came by that was trashy, yet marketable, they’d fly with it hands down.

Oh yeah… I LOVE me some Adam Lambert. He could sing “Mary Had a Little Lamb” and make something awesome out of it.

That performance of “Ring of Fire” was HOT. Smoldering… made me wanna jump my hubby. If the kids hadn’t been awake and in the room… :wink: He seriously needs to release the recording, and he’s already got the video. He is cute as all get-out. I really could care less if he’s gay. That doesn’t affect his artistry. Or maybe it does, but he is an enjoyable entertainer and I love what he does. And as was mentioned above, if you want to avoid any and all gay people, you better just not watch or use any media at all. The Church herself says that gay people deserve all the same respect and love as any other human being. They also have the right to make a living and express themselves. The morality of their private lifestyle is the issue, and we are called to love them with Christ’s love and encourage chastity for all people.

I told my husband that I had a crush on a 27 year old who wears nail polish and eyeliner. He knew I was talking about Adam as he watches the show with me and kids. Not as avidly, but he knows the singers… He laughed at me.

I agree, too, that his attitude is very humble and he seems sincere. I wouldn’t mind my kids acting like Adam does, in a public forum or with authority figures.

Plus, honestly, after he said in his bio that he had been in musical theater for the last 7 or 8 years… if anyone was shocked he is gay (or might be)… I mean, seriously, come on.

I don’t know about you, but I personally have come to believe that more men should wear eyeliner. I really really like it!

My DH would look ridiculous with it… but some guys could benefit from it.

I think some guys will fight going Metro, though… you heard this song from Brad Paisley? I about fell down laughing the first time I did:

I didn’t like how only 2 judges judged this time. I did think Flo Ridas song was filthy, vulgar and tasteless. I mean, I don’t care if somebody sings a sexual song, but it should involve some musical talent. Flo Rida won’t be around for a long time I predict. He isn’t an idol by a long shot.

I agree that he’s not very talented. I think if he had been a contestant, the judges would have called him “overindulgent and pitchey.”

What an ignorant thing to say. I have worked in children’s theater for years and there are lots of talented boys who have grown up performing who are not gay.

Pope John Paul II was an actor in his youth.

Regarding Idol ~ I think it has always been on the edge of being rude. I don’t let my kids watch the early auditions because they often cross the line IMO. I didn’t see the Flo performance but if I found it offensive, I’d hit the mute until it was over. I agree Adam is very talented and I don’t know if he is gay or not, nor do I care. I am not listening to him for spiritual direction, I’m listening to him because he is a good singer. And while I think his range is unbelievable and he is fun to watch, I would not buy his CD’s. Kris (who sang that AWESOME song from Once) is my fav. :thumbsup:

Not to derail the thread, but do you think Lil is getting a fair shake from the judges? She just can’t seem to get a break?

The producers and judges thought that Lil would be another Jennifer Hudson-type, and haven’t gotten what they wanted. They tell her every week that it’s because of her song choices and that she’s not ‘being an artist,’ whatever that means. The fact is, she simply isn’t as good as they want the only black in the competition to be. She’s not a bad singer, she’s just not good enough for what they expect. They pushed her to be something she’s not, and now they’re turning on her and looking to Allison instead. Remember, the three people who closed the semi-final shows were Danny, Adam…and Lil. That’s how high their expectations were.

Just as in any other show I like to watch who has performers on that I don’t care for, I mute it or switch the channel. That’s the only way around it. I’m not a Flo Rider fan. In fact he was on So You Think You Can Dance last season, which is another show I like to watch. I can’t seem to get away from him;). I do like to watch American Idol. The beginning shows are annoying to me and if I had young children I would not want them watching because so many are made fun of or some contestants are rude & crude after being rejected. Now having said all of that, let me be the odd-person out & say that I am not a fan of Adam Lambert. I think he can be summed up in one word: CHEESEY! Just about every song he sings sounds similar because he usually ends with an Axel Rose-type high pitch. Enough already! Alicia was chastised by Simon Cowell for trying to dress like a Pop Star (I agree that her outfit was hideous). So what about Adam? Adam Lambert looks & acts like a wanna-be rocker from the 1990’s, complete with the hair, dress, make-up & black nails:shrug: . Did I mention cheesey:p? I think he will be good on Broadway, though. I like Kris. I think he is current. I could definately see him with a record out right now. I think all the other contestants have good voices, but it is all about song choice. I agree that Lil is not choosing the right songs & for me she hasn’t made me say wow! one time this season. Alicia has a fantastic voice for a 16 year old. I liked Danny & Anoop’s performances last night. As for Matt, I like him, but he’s not consistent enough. I feel he may be leaving tonight.

Actually I was glad to see Flo Rida but only because a number of my 5th grade CCD kids say they love him and his remake of Right Round. I had asked them to list their favorite songs, etc. After looking at the words a few weeks ago, I’ve been contemplating what exactly to do with it. I don’t really want to get into them too much on the off chance that not all of them understand what the words really mean. I keep remembering when I was a kid, my Mom was in hysterics about the 4 year old girl from down the street. She was walking around belting out this song that was about prostitutes but had no idea. As for me, I was and still am fond of a song that came out 70s/80s time period that I didn’t realize was (at the time) was about masturbation. :o Now, if it comes on I just don’t listen to the words.

As for Adam, just love him and look forward to his performances every week. I’m not sure AI is becoming too filthy but I’ve thought for awhile it’s become quite rude. I’m not speaking about the judges, who do sometimes cross the line too. But I’m referring to the contestants and their attitudes. AI can be too filthy during the auditions though. I used to like them, now they just annoy me.

I agree, I haven’t really watched this season…I use to never miss especially when they got to Hollywood…but it really doesn’t interest me anymore…I have watched a very little this season…but like I said…its not as good as it was:shrug:

No, not at all.

And Adam is GREAT! I hope he wins

I think Lil’s song choices are not appropriate for her voice. The Rose was an awful choice.

I wish that they would do a “Judge’s Choice” and let the judges select “THE SONG” that they think would best showcase a contestant’s voice instead of allowing the poor contestant to flounder around. I get the feeling that before she made it onto Idol, Lil didn’t listen to a great variety of musical styles and really doesn’t have much idea of the literature out there, so she keeps picking songs that she’s heard of. And these songs do NOT flatter her voice. (the Celine Dion was especially bad, and so was the Tina Turner–heck, they were all bad). Why on earth didn’t she pick a Shirley Bassey song from one of the two James Bond’s movies that she did the theme for?

Anyway, I think the judges are right on with the calls against Lil. And now she is becoming defiant, and that will finish her off. She needs to LISTEN to them and seek the advice of someone who can advise her wisely about songs.

ADAM LAMBERT IS THE BEST! YAY! YAAAAAA! (that’s a scream from a middle aged woman!)

As for theater and homosexuality, if you are involved with theater, you know that there are many in the business who ARE gay. It’s not an ignorant thing to say at all.

That being said, I don’t think anyone can assume that Adam is gay because he dresses a certain way and his pictures are showing up in the gay publications and on the websites. He’s very attractive. I’ll bet that Kris, Anoop, Danny, and Matt have pictures showing up there websites, too, and no one’s saying they’re gay. They’re very attractive men. This is a singing contest and at this point, the sexual orientation doesn’t matter. And as someone else said, the Catholic Church does not condemn homosexuals, but only the practice of homosexual sex.

No, that’s true but then there are those pesky pictures of Adam making out with another male…

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