Is American Idol becomming too filthy?

I totally disagree with you, I did’n’t hear the song as a sex song, but I can see the possible implication and I think that he’s an amazing dancer.
I had never heard of him before but I really like him a lot.
I like Danny Gokey, but Adam has talent and he’ll get his chance at fame as a result of
American Idol.
I don’t care if there’s an openly Gay idol, but it would be sad if there were an openly divorced one, like Mel Gibson (I know he’s not on idol but he’s a celebrity who professes to
be a Catholic and I think that gives the world the wrong message…)

Back in my day David Bowie did the same thing that Adam’s doing…if I’m not mistaken.
I didn’t like it then but a lot of people did…it’s not the crossdressing that I’m turned off by…oh wait…maybe it is. It seems to be a cheap exploitation of someone else’s struggle for money.

:wave:Hey Cat! The post you responded to was TracyJ’s, not mine.

Adam Lambert on AI!!! He is the next idol for sure!!! There is something about the eyeliner for me too.

Man he can sing!!! I am not into Rock music, but I will be buying his CD!!! He can sing it all!!!

Love him lots!!!

Actually yes it is an ignorant thing to say. The original quote was:

Plus, honestly, after he said in his bio that he had been in musical theater for the last 7 or 8 years… if anyone was shocked he is gay (or might be)… I mean, seriously, come on.

This poster was baisically saying that you can assume a guy who does musical theater is gay.

That is a totally unfair stereo type… there are LOTS of guys who do theater who aren’t gay but everyone ignorantly assumes they are.

I can’t imagine someone saying, “Well of COURSE she is a lesbian… I mean, she said she played basketball in grade school, high school and beyond. I mean SERIOUSLY.”

Nobody would say that - and it shouldn’t be said - even though there is a large portion of adult women baksetball players who are lesbians.

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