Is Amillennialism the dogmatic eschatalogical teaching of the Church?

Is Amilliennialism the dogmatic eschatalogical teaching of the Catholic Church or could some one hold a more Postmillennial view (like St. Augustine) and still be a Catholic in good standing? Or is such view forbidden?

Excerpt below is from a Catholic Answers tract entitled “The Rapture”.

What’s the Catholic position?

“As far as the millennium goes, we tend to agree with Augustine and, derivatively, with the amillennialists. The Catholic position has thus historically been “amillennial” (as has been the majority Christian position in general, including that of the Protestant Reformers), though Catholics do not typically use this term. The Church has rejected the premillennial position, sometimes called “millenarianism” (see the Catechism of the Catholic Church 676). In the 1940s the Holy Office judged that premillennialism “cannot safely be taught,” though the Church has not dogmatically defined this issue.”

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