Is "Amoris Laetitia" as dangerous to Church teaching as some claim?

Just was curious as to opinions on the questioned parts , which some Cardinals have asked for clarity regarding remarried people without annulments in the state of commiting adultery receiving the Eucharist?


I think your question is why we need clarification. If certain portions of the document are being interpreted as some are, then yes, it is that dangerous. If those parts are understood as others are reading it, then no, it is not dangerous. I guess one could argue this ambiguity is itself a danger…


I think the question misses the point that it is Church teaching.

Ambiguous Church teaching.


After reading commentary on the issue I believe not responding to the dubia is a more dangerous issue than the document itself. It feels as if the Cardinals called the Pope to explain how to read the document so they could follow it without breaking church law and simply got the cold shoulder. This is dangerous because if people read it and see heresey, they blame the Pope for heresy (an excuse to call the Pope wrong). If they read it and see that it appears one’s own conscience is the ultimate judge on church law it opens the door for breaking church law under the realm of self moderated morals that have removed time held church rules. With so many oppurtunities to read the document in different manners it could result in different standards between parishes and regions.

(However I am firmly of the opinion that if the Pope says jump I will jump, if he says do something, I will do it. But in the case of silence I will wait for his clarification so I can do what he asks.)

I have no idea whats going on now?

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It’s already happening in some Churches and Diocese there are open communion for those living in irregular marriages ( adultery) or individuals in homosexual relationships, marriages and politicians publicly supporting things against Church teaching such a same-sex marriage, transgenderism, contraception, and abortion.

Essentially Amoris Lattitia has streamlined sacrilegious communions.

There was already a problem with Catholics doing this by not going to confession regularly or at least once a year, not making Sunday and holy days of obligation for years at a time, having premarital sex, masturbating , watching pornography or other graphic materials such as erotica like 50 Shades of Grey, using contraception, having abortions or engaging in immoral activities such cursing using God’s name in vain.

20% of Catholics attend Mass and 81% of Catholics use contraceptives.


I see it as an approach of legalism vs. an approach of accompaniment.
There are certain Catholics who would rather think in black-and-white terms all of the time, because it’s easier to just throw out rules and stick to definitions.

I admire the approach Francis is taking the church, and no, he is NOT changing doctrine. The fact of the matter is, every single person is at a different stage in life. You can point out that some action is objectively wrong, but if that’s all you do – even if you proceed from there – you do a grave injustice to the person at the heart of the matter.

Even with divorce. Yes, divorce and remarriage is inherently wrong and against Christ. But when you get to real people and real situations, it does indeed become more complicated. Did this person even know what is meant by Christian marriage? Even if they are remarried, what are the psychological and social circumstances that could have led up to this? Is it reasonable to think that a supposed relationship will end, that looks objectively wrong on the outside, without destroying an individual’s life in the process?

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Isn’t using a contraceptive responsible ? That’s what they taught me in school.

Nope, it’s not responsible. Unfortunately, it looks like your education and catechesis was not well formed. :confused:


So I’m lost. How are we supposed to avoid having an unwanted pregnancy?

No, it is not. The Pope is leading and is true to his office. There are always dissenting voices.

In this case, the repeated calls for certainty betray a lack of faith. One requires faith to live in uncertainty… those with all the answers are the larger danger.

Abstinince. NFP.


That’s unrealistic…

how so? humans are not alley cats or rodents- we can control our sexual urges. if you don’t want to be pregnant, don’t have sex.


I think it’s more work than any priest or Diocese can handle and whether it’s the Holy Father’s intention or not people will use this conscience theology the wrong way to legitimize their sinful lives.

Some Bishop’s, Cardinals and Priest are already doing this by guiding the laity by their own corrupt and herectical views.

That’s why we need commandments and Church laws we need the black and white to help us make the right decisions.

One of those laws states if your not living in communion with the Church or committing mortal or grave sin you don’t take communion.

I think there needs to be more awareness of how Catholics are to live and what we believe.


No, it’s not dangerous.

Not according to the Church besides contraceptives don’t work my wife was Protestant and believed in birth control and I was just like you.

We have 4 kids.

The pill doesn’t work, condoms are just weird and uncomfortable, or the pill, shot, patch or IUD does work and a woman can have an abortion.

Sometimes babies develop with the IUD imbedded into their skull.

Abstinence and NFP.

A woman knows her cycles, charts them, watches her bodily signs, reads her temperature and excretions.

My wife uses day counting and that’s what our priest and his wife who are Eastern Catholic taught us.

There is more care and concern and respect for the marital act this way too.

Also divorce rates are lower for couples who go to church together and use NFP.

Health benefits too a lot of contraceptives can also cause cancer but so can our food, air, and water but at least a woman can have a choice about this. I’


God seems prone to that sort of thing. Take his second greatest commandment, “Love your neighbor as yourself”. Not likely to happen most of the time, but still he wants it right up front in our mind :sunglasses:.

Adultery is one that is put fairly well up front for the married, too, particularly since keeping your commitment would typically be seen as an instance of loving your neighbor as yourself.

Don’t have sex…

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