Is an archbishop called "Your Grace"?

I’m confused about the title “Your Grace.” In a couple of your replies (How to Address a Cardinal and How to Address a Bishop) you said that the archbishop is addressed the same as a bishop (“Your Excellency”).

However, when a priest friend of mine took me to meet his archbishop, he said to call him “Your Grace.”

Can you clarify?

In the Anglican church it is customary to call an Anglican archbishop “Your Grace.” Roman Catholic dioceses in British and formerly British territories may have adopted that custom for Roman Catholic archbishops in those countries, thereby allowing people of British descent to call the Catholic archbishops in British territories by a title that is more familiar to them. So, if your priest friend tells you to call his archbishop “Your Grace,” there is nothing wrong with doing so.

That said, the general Roman Catholic custom is to call bishops and archbishops “Your Excellency.” If a bishop or archbishop is also a cardinal, he is addressed as “Your Eminence.”

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