Is an inter-faith prayer group the way to go?

I have two close friends who are spiritually hungry and are seeking help. One was born and raised Hindu. There are no places of worship for him where we live, so he prays with Christians. He has come to Mass with me, but feels a little out of place. He loves to pray with people, but is alone in this community. My other friend is disgusted with structured religion, but is searching for some type of spiritual nourishment. I was thinking of starting an interfaith prayer group but am worried it may not be in line with the Church’s teachings.

Dear Jael,

You have the greatest gift a person can have in your Catholic faith. Don’t be shy about sharing it. If your friend feels out of place at Mass, help him to understand the Mass. This is a great opportunity that God has dropped right in your lap. Why not begin by sharing the Catechism with each of them privately! Then you could pray with each of them in that context. The last thing you want to do is neutralize the Gospel into a nebulous—each praying in his own way—spirituality.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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