Is an IUD ever ok for a catholic woman to have?

Hello I am a catholic living in Mexico City which has several odd laws it enforces upon women well I gave birth to my 4th child a beautiful 9lb baby boy in January and was elated but upon having my 6 week checkup I was informed that I was 1 chiild over the limit due to population control rules set by thier health administrator and they informed me due to my immigrant status if I refused either a tubal ligation or IUD they would deport me which would mean leaving my husband and children behind so I have the IUD the lesser of 2 evils it hurts but no doctor will remove it for me since my medical card shows that it hasnt been in 10 yrs yet and I am afraid to pull it out myself. My husband and I live in poverty struggling to feed our kids buy school supplies and pay his transport to work my confessor told me due to grave reasons that I am exempt from punishment or not sinning mortally but I personally dont feel I should receive communion even though he has said its ok I do still chart and NFP so I can abstain on fertile days so as to avoid abortions but I still dont feel right should I contact a bishop to ask his advice since all the priests say due to my financial and the threat of the government I am exempt what should I do? I dont feel right receiving help

Please feel free to contact your Bishop about this situation. That is the best way to find out what you should do.

IUD is a form of abortion because it doesn’t prevent fertilization but prevents the new little baby from implanting in the womb. The pill does the same thing but works by interferring with the development of the lining of the womb so again the baby cannot implant. contact your priest and Bishop as the other poster said. I didn’t know Mexico had this type of policy. God bless you and all your beautiful children.

I am, also, unaware of this policy.

There is no such thing as being exempt from the moral law.

Contraception and sterilization are gravely wrong.

Is it possible to return to the US, maybe to your family, for a while to have this removed?

Maybe a Catholic doctor near your family would be willing to do this for free.

Wow… what an awful situation you are in!

I can’t find any information online about Mexico’s human population control laws, except commentary that many doctors feel pressured to meet sterilization quotas. Are you sure these laws exist and that your doctor wasn’t just trying to pressure you to stop having children? Your bishop should know, that would be one avenue to pursue.

Contraception of any sort is gravely wrong and, as a previous poster pointed out, no one can “exempt” you from moral law. Of course, for a sin to be mortal, it has to be freely chosen. Your priest may have told you you are not in mortal sin because you were coerced into accepting the IUD. In other words, it’s still a grave sin, but your culpability may be reduced. I would find a good, orthodox confessor and follow his direction about receiving Communion. If he says you’re not in mortal sin, please don’t abstain from Communion; you need it!

Lastly, I’m wondering what you meant when you said “it hurts” in reference to the IUD. Did you mean spiritually and mentally, like it hurts your soul to have chosen to accept it? Or do you mean it is physically hurting you to have the IUD in? The IUD is not supposed to cause pain; if it’s hurting you it could be a sign of infection. You need to get to a doctor asap demand that they remove it for your health. Do not consent to a tubal ligation (or any surgery!). If you can’t find a doctor who will remove it, go to your priest and ask him to help you locate a Catholic one.

I’ll keep you in my prayers tonight. God bless.

With what?

Is there such a law?

From a previous post of yours on Sept 23rd

Ive had strangers laugh at me and I only have four kids all my husbands cousins were persuaded by the mexican govt social workers to tie thier tubes after just two kids so when I came back from the states where I had my baby all his family immediately asked me two things did I have him naturally and did I get sterilized I loved the look on thier faces when I said nope Im not and never will be sterilized strangers even ask me if I am sterilized but men dont do sterilization here so my husband has never been asked just me and honestly my husband wanted me to and threatened to divorce me if I get pregnant again but I told him my soul is more important than what you want which is contrary to God

It would appear your story has some inconsistencies.

I can find no such law and your timelines in these two posts do not match up. Added to your previous posts alluding to some “rule” in mexico that in laws can slap each other I think you are misrepresenting the mexican people.

This has got to be one of the most tragic injustices I have read here - is this going on in Mexico, in our time??? :eek:

I know about the drug lords killing civilians in Mexico, but this is on a whole different level. This is the government of Mexico, and I had no idea the Mexican government was doing this to its own citizens. :frowning:

Is this a democratically elected government, and why do the Mexican people put up with this? Can’t they vote out the officials who imposed population control?

We the people in the USA also need to start doing something about this. Of course, President Obama is not on our side, and Catholic Vice President Joe “I don’t second guess China’s one child policy” Biden is not on our side either, but we must do something about this. I will certainly look into what I can personally do, in addition to prayers for Mexico.

Regarding the pain with the IUD - I second the advice that something is wrong and you need medical attention.

I am aware that a device somewhat similar to an IUD, called “Essure contraceptive tubal implant”, basically a sort of coiled wire made of titanium alloy (see here ), has caused horrible problems to women - it has perforated the uterus, caused infections, even death. See “Essure problems” facebook page - quote: “Has your life become a living hell since having the Essure procedure done? You are not alone.” See also - quote:

Women are coming forward to talk about their experiences with a permanent form of birth control called Essure.

They’re describing it in stark terms: “It’s a constant pain that doesn’t go away,” one woman said. “It felt like barbed wire inside of me,” according to another. “It’s excruciating,” a third woman said.

See also - quote:

FDA reports detailing Essure complications now list a death

One criteria for an action to be a mortal sin is that the sinner must give full consent of the will, meaning that he has reflected on doing the action and deliberately wants to do it. If one is being **forced **to do something by the state, it shouldn’t be a considered a mortal sin.

I wonder though, what if the state forced me to go and kill my neighbor, or kill my parish priest - just to give a random example. Similar things happened in North Korea, Saddam’s Iraq, Stalin’s Russia. Would it be a venial sin if I obeyed?

The IUD is abortive - it kills the baby by not allowing the baby to implant in the uterus.

So is it a venial sin to kill someone who’s innocent, just because the state forces me to do so?

The state is not forcing anyone to do this in Mexico.

Are social workers pushing this. sure. They probably got the idea from there US counterparts.

The OP is not being forced to do anything.

As for forcing someone to do something there needs to be an understanding of “forced”

Gun to someone’s head. Ok, that is forced.

Threat of deportation. Not really forced.

This is quite common in cities in Mexico and even in many of the small villages. C-sections are considered routine, and women’s tubes are tied after the second c-section. It is done “for safety reasons.” This is why so many women choose to deliver in small villages with a midwife. Women are still pressured to get their tubes tied or IUDs from doctors even if they give birth at home, and in some areas of the country it is a strictly enforced policy. Mexico City IS one of those areas.

It is wrong of the posters who want to make her out as untruthful. I have seen this policy first hand. I have seen women tell their children the dangers of giving birth in a clinic instead of the safety of at home–and these are dirt floor HUTS, not houses like ours. Even Discovery Health Channel had a documentary a few years back about Mexico City’s hospitals. It was talking about the routine c-sections and tying tubes after the second unless an IUD is placed.

And yes, the threat of deportation when it would separate your family is very much being forced.

I had my baby in january in the states I returned to mexico when I was 3 weeks post partum since I figured I could just have my exam for the 6 week check up in mexico well everything went fine until the doctor asked me when he should schedule my tubal I replied no I cant ever do that so he said look your an immigrant here you have too many children your husband has signed the authorization the standard guidelines are after ceasareans tubal but you have partos normal or normal births so you have slid by I said no I had my baby in the states he said well Im sorry I will have to report you if you dont get some form of birth control so I asked for the pill which I could simply not take and throw away and my husband spoke up and said no dont give her that shes a catholic idiot that will just spit it out this is my money paying for all these kids and shes my wife so give her an IUD or an implant in her arm or tie her tubes so the doctor said well shes nursing so the IUD is safer for the baby since she refuses to have her tubes tied I was crying by that time the doctor even kept telling me how sorry he was when he put the IUD in, I havent been able to look my husband in the eye since and all the clinics I go to see my medical card and just say maam we cant take it out for you it hasnt been in long enough and Im not misrepresenting the mexican people I love the mexican people Im just going by my experience and the experiences of my husbands cousins and aunts who were all sterilized after thier ceasareans and thier mother in laws slap them and talk hateful to them too actually whose mother in law doesnt mistreat them that I have seen? And I will be going to see the bishop this wednesday for his counsel maybe he can help me find a catholic doctor who can remove this IUD it hurts mentally and emotionally to the point where I will refuse to sleep with my husband anymore and I now wont even take my kids to governement hospitals since I am frightened what else the government might do since with my husbands ok and government backing they did this to me what if they gave my kids an unnecessary procedure? And I would love to go home to the states but how could I take my husband? He cant go back legally and I dont support him crossing illegally? It was very sad being in the states during my pregnancy without him and my kids and in september I was referring to sterilization not contraception sorry I get rambling with things from time to time.

I dont see any inconsistencies…

Threat of deportation is absolutely coercion.

Stillsosola, are you an American citizen?

I do understand what she means about the inlaws. My mother in law is a beautiful woman that would never mistreat me. I am very lucky. My mother in law was and still is horribly treated by her sisters in law and was by her father in law until his death. It is customary for this to occur as a way if earning your place in the family, and often it includes the new daughter in law moving into the inlaws hone for one or more years. During that time, especially early on, she is expected to work as a slave would and never allowed to complain. In time she will either earn her place in the family and with it respect, or she will be mistreated for life. Any reason–work ethic, personality, anything really–can be used as the excuse to continue the mistreatment. It also isn’t just the husband’s immediate family. It can include others who married into the family as well. My poor mother in law has been the outcast simply because she has poor health.

As I said, my mother in law has always been wonderful to me (unless you count her rewashing anything I wash because she doesn’t think I clean well enough–including my own children), but I do understand what she means. No, it isn’t a law that allows it, but it is customary in many families. And no one will step in to stop it even if you ask them too. It is considered rude to butt into “family business”

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