Is answering a phone call during mass a mortal sin?

Today (monday), during the responsorial psalm, i left the church to answer a phone call. Is it a mortal sin?

I know it wasn’t on sunday but isn’t this against the first commandment?


No, probably not. What if it was an emergency phone call? Disrespectful if it rang and you didn’t turn the ringer off maybe, but not something you’d need to go to confession for. People get up and leave mass to use the restroom, or get the tea rota started, or to take a crying baby out, etc. If it were you left the mass to make a non-emergency phone call that could have waited until the end, that may be something to apologize for.

No, not a mortal sin. Not good manners, though–to leave Mass just to answer the phone (unless you’re a doctor on call, etc.) But merely leaving Mass isn’t a sin. People leave to use the restroom, for example. It doesn’t negate your being at Mass or your participation. Still, it’s better to turn your phone off during Mass rather than be tempted to leave to answer your phone, and so miss part of Mass unnecessarily. :slight_smile:

Why do you think it is a mortal sin? Perhaps you need to talk to your pastor about what a mortal sin is.

You should ask a Priest to help you determine whether or not you have scrupulosity.

I have to say, having a mobile/cell phone switched on during Mass seems very bad manners, unless you are a doctor on call or similar.

Please tell me that the phone didn’t actually ring during Mass - in other words, you had it on silent vibrate?

If your cell phone rings during mass because you forgot to shut it off, just answer it saying " Hello…Yes Lord all the sinners are here" :wink:


People forget sometimes. It happens.

One of our priests at my old parish forgot to turn off his cell and it rang-- he was the **celebrant **of that mass. He acted like it was someone in the congregation. :slight_smile:

When I was married (it will be 20 years) beepers were more common then cell phones. The celebrant received a page and actually nonchalantly glanced at it. DH and I didn’t notice until we saw the wedding video.

Very similar as slipping out and having a fag .

This calls to mind a similar situation at my parish a few years ago. Someone in the congregation had the misfortune of having their phone ring during the homily. The priest stopped mid-sentence and just glared at the unfortunate soul who was desperately trying to get it turned off. After a long dramatic pause and an exaggerated eye roll, Father continued with his homily. Well…I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “What goes around comes around.” Unbelievably, during the Eucharistic Prayer, this priest’s cell phone started ringing - LOUDLY. Of course, it was in his pants pocket under all his vestments. It took him at least a minute to get to it and turn it off. After Mass I was filing out behind the parishioner whose phone rang during the homily. As he shook hands with the priest he said, “Well Father, if there was any doubt in my mind before today, it has all be erased. Now I know for sure. There IS a God.”

No it is not a mortal sin. We should use discretion, but this would not constitute grave matter.

That’s funny.


No sin at all.

No, but whatever it was would have to wait till Mass ended, out of respect to God and to my fellow parishioners.

If I sensed it was something important, I would text or go outside and call back.

Sorry if i am being too scrupulous, but from my point of view it kinda looks like a sin, because i was at the mass, and instead of praising God and paying attention, i choose to answer a phone call instead…

The best advice is to mention it in confession. The priest’s opinion is the only one that matters for you and your peace of mind.

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