Is any one here a catholic priest?

If you’re a catholic priest, can you comment on this or message me? I have a question that I want to ask.

Why don’t you simply ask the question? There are a number of priests and deacons on CAF.

Oh, it’s just personal and I want to have a priest help me out with it.

I’ll answer your question! I’m a girl, and not a member of nunnery, but well versed in Catholicism

Well, it’s not really a theology question. It’s about this show I watch. I want to know if it’s a sin to keep watching it.

Oh what show is that?

And from a bird’s eye view I’d say it’s only a sin if it causes you to commit sins or invite demons into your life

It’s called Avatar the last Airbender

I’m assuming you’re young. I saw the edited post you had. There’s nothing wrong with that show (just remember it’s fantasy) or that scene you specifically worried about.

Please speak with a priest in person about your concern. There are priests on this forum, but they will encourage you to seek counseling advice from a priest in person. Advice anonymously over the Internet isn’t helpful.

Note we generally do not answer “is it a sin” questions on these forums. Some people have OCD tendencies in regards to sin, and asking these questions online is not helpful. You really should ask them of a priest or spiritual director in person.


Okay, I’ll ask the priest in confession this weekend. Thank you


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