Is any part of tuition for Catholic school counted toward my tithe?


My husband and I send our two daughters to Catholic school because we feel strongly that they receive a Catholic education. Unfortunately, the cost to do so is a sacrifice financially. We do without a lot(vacations, eating out, etc.) to make this possible. Consequently, our cash contribution to our Parish is only about 5% of our incoome.(not 10%). I do volunteer at the school once a week also. Is there any part of our school costs that could be considered toward our tithe?


Dear s,

Catholics are not required to tithe. They are required to contribute to the support of the Church. This can be done in many ways as you seem to be doing. The requirement to tithe is from the Old Law which, like the old dietary laws, does not apply to us who live in the New Dispensation of Jesus Christ.

I do hope the education your children are getting is truly Catholic and worth the sacrifices your are making.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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