Is anyone going to Franciscan University next year?

Is anyone else either going to Franciscan University or going to be going next fall? I am and thought it would be neat to meet some classmates if there are any here. :slight_smile: I think it is really special that Pope John Paul II went there, and I can’t wait to deepen my faith and have it be even more fully a part of my life that will prepare me for a complete life in the Church.

I’m a Sophmore at Franciscan right now. I have to say it’s a pretty great school, the best in my opionion. :slight_smile:

Not a Steubenville student (ND here! :D), but you just piqued my interest. When did JP2 visit Steubenville? They didn’t tell us that on our tour! hehe.

I don’t know anything about Pope John Paul II visiting Steubenville, however I do know that he definitely knew about Franciscan. Here are a few stories about John Paul encountering Steubenville students, (the first is about Gaming, which is Franciscan’s study abroad program in Austria.)

In fall 1993, the Gaming students went on our pilgrimage to Rome. At the Wednesday general audience when our group was introduced, we stood, and responded with a well-rehearsed: “Holy Father, Franciscan University loves you, supports you, and is praying for you, Totus Tuus Maria.”

We must have made an impression because one of those distinguished servants of St. Peter came up and told me our group was invited to have our picture taken with the Holy Father. While up there getting our supreme snapshots, the Holy Father naturally asked us where we were from. We told him. He was delighted and replied in that grandpa-like Eastern European accent, “Franciscan University is a gooooood University.” That is when Sicilian Father Tony Mastroeni had the gall to correct the supreme pontiff saying, “Holy Father, Franciscan University is the best university!”

  • Father Ken Hummel ’94

While studying in Austria in the spring of 1995, I traveled to Rome with a group of men and women for retreats over Holy Week….At the end of the Easter Sunday Mass, as the pope processed out, he stopped often to bless people and speak to them. By this point, most of the men and women from Steubenville had reunited from our separate retreats. As the Holy Father passed our group, we called, “Holy Father, we are from Steubenville!” He stopped, looked each of us in the eye, and said, “Ahhh, Scheubenville!” We were all awed at his recognition of us. He again looked us each in the eye and blessed us….It was an experience I hold dear to my heart to this day.

I tell this story often. Just this week, I told a priest who was visiting the parish where I work. He is stationed in Rome at the Vatican. I told him it still amazes me that the pope really did recognize us from Steubenville. The priest told me that everyone at the Vatican knows of Franciscan University of Steubenville! I believe that is truly a testimony to the great work and service that Franciscan does for the world!

  • Marykate (Murphy ’97) Harris

I don’t know for sure, but when I visited the campus my tour guides said that Pope John Paul earned his degree in Theology there. But I don’t know I am just repeating what I heard. :slight_smile:

John Paul II earned his degrees in Poland and Rome.

He has an honorary degree from Franciscan. It was the only place he accepted one from…but he didn’t go to school here.

He didn’t go there… but he does have the honorary degree and they did name the library after him! :thumbsup:

Lots of other people have visited, though- I almost (literally) bumped into Cardinal Arinze as he was coming out of celebrating the noon Mass one day (unfortunatly, I was not coming out of Mass- I was on my way from the Caf to Cosmas & Damien for class.)

I went to Franciscan University for two years and just graduated last year. I hope you have a good time there.

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