Is anyone here familiar with "Warped Tour"?


My 16- year-old daughter wanted to go to it, but I said no.(Much weeping ensued.) I’m an older Mom, and somewhat out of touch with what kids are doing today. This thing, a big rock band fest, would have been held in a venue about 20 miles away, lasting all day into the night. Daughter would have gone with 3 other girls (her friend and two friends of her friend.) The father of one of the girls was going to drive them there and drop them off, not staying with them. They were going to buy tickets at the entrance ($27.00 ea). I just didn’t want my daughter going to this thing. Gut feeling on my part. Was I right or too strict?


My almost 16 yer old did go to Warped Tour this summer. It was during the day, a festival style concert. She went with friends and had a good time. There were 18,000 attendees at the one she went to in Ventura and by all accounts it was pretty orderly. For kids around here it is considered the hilight of summer. I said yes, because I am more familliar with these kinds of things myself. I also know the friends that she went with really well and felt comfortable that they are all kids who do well in school, follow the rules, and make good decisions.

You’re the mom though. You have to trust your instincts. You know your daughter, her friends, and the area better than we do.


Hey you were not wrong. You are trying to protect your daughter. I honestly don’t see anything wrong if you let her go. Warped Tour had a real good line-up. :smiley: As long as you kept in touch with her and she got picked up immediately after it finished… why not?


Very much depends on the maturity of the teen. Has she exhibited mature decision making up until now? Are you confident that she is not easily swayed by “peer pressure”? Is she informed (ie knows not to fall for sweet talk from men)? How well do you know the friends?

Most likely if I’d been in your situation, DH and/or I would have gone along - we’d have picked out our “spot” and had a “check in with us every hour” rule. Both DH and I love music, and our teen is a budding musician. We have lots of concerts in our future.


Thank you for being a good mom. That is exactly what you are.

Don’t worry, she’ll get over it. 16-year old girls are fodder for boys (and men) who go to these concerts. When a group of 4 girls are at an event like this with no supervision, there is no telling who, or what kind of element, will be trying to influence them.

FACT: there will be drug use there
FACT: boys and men of today who go to these thing are trying to HOOK UP
FACT: the messages that these bands encourage impure and reckless behavior

Add all these things up, and you have a recipe for disaster.

They may turn out to be fine, but, is it worth the risk? It’s better to teach her to deny herself of these things for her own well being. If you say yes now, she may say yes later on her own.

Parents are the conscience of their children, until those children become adults. Saying no, helps her to say no on her own later.

Good job, mom:thumbsup:


WOW!! I have officially become the fuddy-duddy of this thread! I feel bad, now.:smiley:



Well, if your a fuddy-duddy, what does that say about me, lol? :smiley: I’m 24 and never heard of this tour either :shrug: :blush: :rolleyes:

Maybe i need to get out more :stuck_out_tongue:


My younger brother is actually going to Warped Tour today. He said the band list wasn’t too his liking, but his friend got him tickets…so I guess that’s how the cookie crumbles. :shrug:


I know what Warped Tour is. Good bands but, I don’t know, there will definetly be drug use there so they would be exposed to that. I think, and I’m only 24 and don’t have kids yet so take my opinion for what it’s worth, but these kinds of situations depend a lot on the kid themself. Are they impressionable or do they have a good head on their shoulders? How well do you know your child’s friends? That kind of thing. Sort of an individualized decision.

If I had let her go I probably would have had a call me once an hour or I’m coming to find you policy, or somthing along those lines. And definetly no to staying out all night. Too much could happen.

Just a couple thoughts. :shrug:


Depends on who she was going with really. If they were all good kids, and your daughter is a good mature kid, I would have let her. I won’t lie, I’m 16 also. I wanted to go to projekt revolution, but I can’t get tickets. But if I could, I would have gone with my friend and her older brother. The best case for when teenagers go to concerts is to have a large group or an adult along.


I like this answer. The tickets are not expensive and if you can clear your calendar for it, you’d be able to tell exactly what it was while being around for your daughter to check in. My kids are all under 12 so I’m not quite there yet, but my cousin has two teenagers that begged for years to be able to go. She finally let them go when they were 19 and 17 years old. They had to go further so there was a driving issue too.

The tour happens every year. Maybe next year if it’s already passed?


I enjoyed the Warped Tour the one time I went but I did have to really push and shove and it got really crazy and a bunch of little 14 year olds were crying since they were getting crushed. I also ended up losing one of my shoes but I wore an old, worn out pair since that is not an uncommon thing to happen at the Warped Tour so I was prepared. As long as they are safe they probably would have been alright but your worries are not completely wrong.


The only time I went to the Warped Tour was about 8 years ago when I was 17. It is primarily punk music, but that’s what I was into at the time and most of it is upbeat and spunky, although as someone posted earlier, it does sometimes promote rebellious behavior. The one I went to was fairly tame, but I agree, if you felt compelled to let her go, I would have definitely had my husband attend w/ me to supervise.

Maybe if you went w/ her to this concert, or another like it if/when the occasion presents itself, but under the condition that she goes w/ you to a Christian concert to balance things out.

My prayers are w/ you as you discern the situation and the teenage years to come.


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