Is anyone here...

… a professor at a Catholic University? I’ll be graduating from UNCG next May, and I’m wondering what path I should take (i.e. should I go to a divinity school? Any particular schools in mind? That sort of thing.). Thanks in advance!

Hello! I’m not a professor, but I am thinking of going to divinity school too and have several friends who have done so and given me good advice. If you’d ever like to share your ideas about this, feel free to post or PM me!

Best of luck in your discernment, and congratulations on graduating.

University of North Carolina at Greensboro?

Allen537 - Yep, UNC Greensboro. Are you affiliated?

tuviskazinai - Thanks for the reply. What kind of advice have your friends given you?

No, but my family moved to NC when I started high school. I lived there for 5 years, then entered seminary. But we live out east, 45 mins or so from the OBX.

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