Is anyone watching Downton Abbey series 3?

I have seen it online on link to the station that airs it commercials and all. (So instead of waiting for PBS I have watched British ads/

I’m waiting for the American Version :smiley: I don’t know why, it’s just that I’m afraid the British version will add things in that I don’t know about from past seasons.

BUT I don’t appreciate the immorality and the certain scene in the first season - so I wait until they come out on DVD and then play them in my clearplay player ( so I feel comfortable watching them.

IOW, it’s going to be a long wait for season three. :bighanky:

Wait you can watch it now?

Or do you have to have a subscription to something?

Yeah, I’d like to know.


When do you guys in the US get it? You’re going to love it. :slight_smile:

This is a link to watch the station
Downton Abbey is at 9 GMT and 4 pm Eastern Daylight Time .This is Sunday afternoon here. I found this on a Downton Abbey Facebook page.
There are a lot of ads but since they are different from our commercials I am not as sick of them

I enjoy this though it is a pretty soap opera. I still don’t know why I should care about Lady Mary

JANUARY 2013!! :frighten::frighten::bighanky:

I found the plot of the chaffeur who is an Irish nationalist and republican and his romance with the youngest daughter of the Grantham family to be interesting but rather improbable finally. I think the much older series ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ handled these kind of romances between the classes with a rather more realistic (albeit pessimistic) tone.

Ah, but it makes for good tragic suspense; as they are living in Dublin at the onset of the Irish War of Independence.


True, and there were of course several women from wealthy Anglo-Irish backgrounds involved in the Irish War of Independence on the Irish side* and several English women with wealth at least went as far as protesting some of the methods used by the British government. As a socialist Branson is very likely in any case to end up on the ‘wrong’ side in the Civil War that followed the war of independence and I could see his wife possibly becoming a widow at a young age. That said I tended to prefer the view in ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ that such things simply did not work out or at best might barely be allowed to continue in a clandestine form if no-one drew too much attention to it. The writer for much of that show grew up in a home with many servants and I think his view of things tends to ring true to reality, but that was a different age of television and the writing was slower and more understated in many ways than today and all the better for it I feel.

*At least two of whom converted to the Catholic Church, most especially Countess Markievicz who is a personal heroine of mine.

Indeed, that is what I imagine, that Branson will become the “William” of S3.

Then, with Sybil returning to DA in black, with 2 or 3 wee ones in tow, the Granthams will have a new headache concerning her, as she would presumably be unmarriageable by the standards of the time.

I don’t think a script showing fixed and inalterable class barriers would play well in the 2000s; they had to “modernize” it to an extent. IMNAAHO


I just watched the fourth episode of series 3 I am a late comer. I saw most of the second season before I got the dvd of the first. Now I am watching the third early for an American I had some thoughts on today’s episode



I wish I had one surprise inheritance. Matthew gets two and gets to save Downton Abbey/ What I don’t understand is how is hiring more house servants an “investment”. That is not going to give the estate anymore income. Is Robert just going to go through this money too

As we hear about Tom in Ireland it makes me remember that my great uncle had to leave the country too and he came here where his sister (my grandma) lived. Another greatuncle has a plaque on a bridge about his heroics during that struggle.
There was also a line about not trusting Catholics. You know they don’t want to burn us but…

Hi friends

I’m also watching series 3 online, I just couldn’t wait for pbs to get it in January. If you haven’t watched please stop reading!

So far so good but I do feel so bad for Edith, can’t she catch a break? I thought at first that she would get married but that her husband would die shortly answer but to be left at the altar? A little too cliche for my liking :shrug:

Last Sunday’s episode had Lord Grantham telling the Archbishop of York (Cosmo Lang, later Archbishop of Canterbury during the abdication crisis) that “there’s something of the Johnny Foreigner about them” (Catholics).

You may be surprised just how much of that attitude persists in modern day Britain. A newspaper editor and prominent Anglican converted to Catholicism in the 1990s and found just that reaction, as well as from some of his rather more ‘liberal’ acquaintances that the Catholic Church is the most illiberal you can think of.

Obviously I wouldn’t subscribe to either view (I converted at about the same time) but they’re still widespread.

I don’t find it too surprising and I am sure that that was normal 90 years ago. In a way I like historical books and movies that Don’t try to make their character think in modern ways. It is much more real to see the past as it was.

Another episode

:(:crying::crying:So sad. Now there will be a conflict about how this baby is baptized. We are going to see anti Catholic prejudice here

I am in the US and we are finishing season 3 today. I just found out that season 4 here won’t start until next january. Grr…

Well yeah, that’s the pattern. Six weeks on, then a year off.

Except you could possibly catch the next season via Internet from England in the fall.

The genius of the show is how they can maintain mass appeal over such long lead times.


Yeah, that’s true, but I prefer to wait until I can see it here. I do find that there are a lot of spoilers on the Internet.

Of course and Lord Grantham uses the expression ‘left-footer’ to refer to Catholics, but the resolution is reasonable .

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