Is anyone watching - Secret Acess: The Vatican on the history channel

If so whats you thought on it?

I didn’t know this show was on and would love to watch this. What nights does it come on?

My 17 YO watched the whole thing while I was in the kitchen! :thumbsup:

I found it being very interesting but as I compare it with some teaching in the scriptures it brings up some contrasts that make me wonder…

My mom recorded it for me (I don’t have tv) to watch next time I come over :slight_smile: Can’t wait!!

It was on way past my bedtime; I hope they replay it at an earlier time.

It was surprisingly pro-Catholic for anything mainstream, though the tone of voice and long explanations reminded me of one of their specials on Secret Underground Societies.

I will note, however, that as a BA holder of History and Religious Studies, the History Channel is completely wrong about 80% of the time, and the other 20% they are skewed. I expected it to be really anti-Catholic…

Enjoyed it! Learned something. Remarkable they were able to locate St. Peter’s burial spot. And that the word Vatican comes from the name of a Roman goddess who looked over the cemetery located at the site in ancient times.

I watched part of it the 1st time it aired.

It was very, very good. I admit to being pleasantly surprised.

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