Is anyone watching the online show "Bump"? Will they have abortions, or not - it's up to you


This topic could go in a few different forums here, but this one gets the most traffic and since I suspect not too many people know about this project, I’ll put it here. :smiley:

I don’t really know what to call it - it’s not a reality show, the people are all actors. It’s sort of a drama, but apparently, (according to the producers) the outcome of the babies of three pregnant young women will be decided by the conversations people have who are watching the episodes. They apparently have pro-life and pro-choice people on the production staff - they say they don’t know how the stories will end up.

I’m watching with interest - but I’m still not so sure this is the great idea some people are making it out to be.

Anyone else watching this? The episodes are only about 5 minutes long.



Just to clarify: there are no REAL babies at risk? These are all hypothetical babies? crossing finger that this is the case


Correct - only hypothetical babies.

But how horrible will it be if we can’t even save the make believe babies?

The whole experiment has me wondering. They are starting to get some media coverage too I guess.



Hmm, this is really interesting, honestly. I don’t know how much I’ll want to join in the conversation, since they want ‘real experiences’ of which I have none… but we’ll see.


Laura Ingraham, on her nationwide radio show last week, interviewed Dominic Iocco, who is the Executive Producer for “BUMP+”. Iocco is also the Provost of John Paul the Great University in San Diego.

Laura was not too pleased with an official at a Catholic University being involved in a project of this subject matter that was not clearly Pro-Life. In fact, it took a real effort by Laura to get Iocco to finally say that he was “pro-life”. :rolleyes:


Someone close to me attends JPII - and I know that it is an extremely solid Catholic University. But when I heard that they were involved in such a project I was immediately concerned. If the outcome of this “experiment” turns out to be anything less than 100% pro-life there could be massive backlash on the University - and there SHOULD be. It is disturbing to hear that they are collaborating with pro-choice producers on a project that could have a less than 100% pro-life ending.

I continue to watch - and wait, and see. They need to be EXTREMELY careful lest they become just another blathering “Catholic” university that doesn’t walk the talk.

If hypothetical babies die in this project - how will they defend their participation in that?



Thanks for the link. I'm watching the show; it's interesting. I agree that knowing now that a Catholic university is involved in the series is a little disconcerting, at least if the show doesn't end up with pro-life choices being advocated across the board.


Watching now. One thing I hate so far…that I see a lot of in modern media…is this idea that when a woman gets pregnant, the first thing she should do is decide if she’s going to “keep it”. As though the decision to abort the baby or not is the natural next step after getting that positive pregnancy test. That’s kind of annoying.


In this hypothetical world they have specifically chosen women who are undecided about their pregnancy. So right out of the gate they are making that decision. I think that’s why it appears that way in this show - these are not just women who are pregnant, they are women with “unplanned” pregnancies.

But I do get what you are saying - it does seem to be a natural decision point in a lot of television situations - keep the baby or don’t.



I'm watching and--more interestingly--reading all the comments over at the Bump site. I also heard the Laura interview and I was absolutely appalled by her coverage!

Wow, guys, I'll I can say is, watch out. I've got to lay it all out for you here. Please read this--I know it's kind of long! But I think this is a HUGE story.

I should add that I used to be a fan of Laura's. Now I'm realizing that she really isn't going to help us change hearts and minds.

Worst of all she revealed herself as ignorant and obstinate. She claimed that the Catholic Church is never about dialoging about abortion. It was shocking! She said over and over again that the Church would never use the word "dialogue" when it comes to the abortion issue. She said that we take a "stand", we don't dialogue--as if the two things were exclusive to each other! She even said JP II would never approve of such an effort.

She apparently has never read the most important pro-life encyclical of them all, JPII's "The Gospel of Life". Dialogue is exactly what John Paul II called for in Evangelium Vitae. He even repeatedly used the term "dialogue" in respect to the abortion issue. After all, are really only supposed to talk to ourselves? One of the school's students--a beautiful young religious--posted this quote from Vatican II on Laura's Facebook page:
"Respect and love ought to be extended also to those who think or act differently that we do in social, political and even religious matters. In fact, the more deeply we come to understand their ways of thinking through such courtesy the more easily will we be able to enter into dialogue with them" (Vatican II, Guadium et Spes, 18).
This is really what Bump is about. It's taking a thoroughly Catholic approach.

Let me tell you, I know the people at JP Catholic. I'm really livid about the way Laura treated them. Most of the faculty and staff are daily communicants. And they are doing more for the Church and the pro-life movement than any other Catholic university in the country--no one else even comes in as a close second. Among other shocking things, they have produced television ads for pro-life campaigns around the country that have aired on the major broadcast channels. Seriously, these people are AMAZING! Just one example: in 2009 they ran ads in support of Prop 4 on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc., in prime time, which blew me away! They even aired them before and after the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates. It was shocking to me that they were on TV at all. More than that though they were on in prime time! Prof. Michael Barber talks about this all the time on his blog. For example, go here:

Prop 4 (Parental notification for abortion in CA) lost but it came closer than ever to passing. Ask any person involved with the campaign and they'll tell you those ads were a huge reason it was so close. They've also done ads in other states like Colorado, and have won a number of awards for them. Every pro-life group in the country wants them to help them. The deliver HIGH quality projects. They are also one of the few Catholic schools identified by the Newman guide to Catholic Colleges as one of the few authentically Catholic schools around.

And, by the way, it's not just in the media. The students are sidewalk counselors and at abortion clinics every weekend. They are used by God to make actual saves week after week. And there's so much more, it's ridiculous to imagine anyone would doubt their sincerity or the effectiveness of their methods. They do apologetics in the streets. They head up adoration of the Eucharist in other places. Laura dragged the school into the Bump controversy without knowing anything about them. . .


The Bump project is a production not of the school but of Yellow Line, a production company. The company has people from both sides of the abortion debate working for it. But they are ensuring that everyone gets a fair voice–all sides are made to feel fairly presented. I think the head producer is Dominic Iocco, the school’s academic provost. As I’ve heard them explain it to Laura–and I agree with them–in any fair dialogue the truth will always be more persuasive than a lie. They aren’t afraid to let others have their say about abortion. They welcome thoughtful, polite, and civil conversation. Shouldn’t people on both sides be able to have a conversation without name-calling and derision? They give others space to talk in order to earn the right to be heard. They also are dispelling the myth that all pro-life people don’t understand the difficulties of crisis pregnancies. The recognize abortion is not just about a child but also about women, who are scarred and scared. They are trying to be charitable–something I think a lot of people forget about. They want to really understand where people are coming from–as Vatican II said we need to. Read the comments over at the site. You’ll see it’s working. Hearts and minds are really being changed. Not everyone agrees. That’s to be expected! But they are really reaching people who otherwise would never listen.

Laura doesn’t get this. Apparently she just wants to shout down the opposition, like she did to Provost Iocco and Michael Barber, a professor there, when he called in. It seems that unless the show starts off by saying, “We’re pro-life, we’re Catholic and we want to overturn abortion”, she’s against it. She says “no dialogue”. But, as the President of JP Catholic explained on her show, when a sidewalk counselor sees a woman going into a clinic she doesn’t approach her by saying: “I’m pro-life, I’m Catholic and I want to overturn Roe v. Wade. Now. . . can I talk to you about your abortion?” That would be a crazy approach that would never reach people! Iocco was trying hard to make the show about openness rather than as a piece of pro-life propaganda aimed at the pro-life crowd. I hope pro-abortion people won’t walk away from the discussion simply because he identified himself as pro-life. The show is really about getting people together for an honest and open conversation–it’s not some secret prolife trickery. We really need to have a civil dialogue.

As the President of the school explained to Laura, you’ve got to reach people where they are at and stories are the best way to do that. Jesus himself told stories. And not all stories are comedies–in the classical sense. Some have sad endings. But sometimes those are the most powerful. (I’m thinking that that means that some of the women are going to get abortions–but I suppose we’ll have to wait and see).

Finally, National Catholic Register, priests for life, and other pro-life groups apparently have encouraged the involvement in the project. Are they not really pro-life? Why would they support it? Contrary to what Laura claimed, the school is NOT a Regnum Christi school. That’s NOT why National Catholic Register has been positive about Bump. They are positive because they also think we need to have civil conversation and start listening more. That’s not being squishy, that’s called be like Jesus. And it’s helping to get people talking to one another, rather than just to each other. That’s what we need.

Sadly, it seems to sophisticated for some people on our side. They want to mock the acting or the story (although professional critics and big-time media websites who monitor important web series give them high marks). It’s really disheartening. No wonder we have problems convincing our culture. We can’t even come together on our side without being holier-than-thou. Remember: Jesus ate with the sinners; the Pharisees criticized him for it.


I totally get what you’re saying. But I can see Laura’s point…despite JPII using the term, **most **of the time in this culture when you hear people asking for “a dialogue” when it comes to the abortion issue, it’s said by more “progressive Catholics” who want the dialogue to lead to a slackening or gentling of the Church’s view on abortion. It’s gotten to where it’s kind of a buzzword…I kind of shudder involuntarily whenever I read in an interview someone calling to “open a dialogue” or “start a conversation” even before I read the rest because I know where that train of thought usually leads.


Claire: Well said. I totally agree! :thumbsup:

It has been my opinion that the “pro-choice” movement is far from being “pro-choice” and instead are “pro-abortion”. “Pro-choice” to me implies informed consent with full knowledge of all the options; health risks, emotional risks, adoption option, explanation of development of the baby, sonogram, parental consent for minors, etc. Obviously, the “choice” should be LIFE.


Ah ok, you’re right. It’s set up that way, women who’ve already said that they might abort.

Yeah…I think of it as like, the choice has actually already been made; the baby was conceived and is alive. The real choice at this point is do I kill it or let it live? I sure wish it was always presented in those terms, at the clinics and doctors offices, etc.


Fr. Frank Pavone, the head of Priests for Life–whose commitment to the pro-life movement can hardly be questioned–just praised Bump+:

“Bump+” is a great service to the pro-life movement. “Bump+’s” target audience is not the pro-life community. It is trying to reach the vast number of citizens whose attitude toward abortion can best be described as conflicted. “Bump+” is not a forum for an abortion debate. The point here is to help viewers hear and feel both sides of the issue through stories. This is simply a conversation, not a condoning of abortion. We need to bring people through the conversation through stories. Jesus was a storyteller. You tell a story and let people connect with that. We do this through our Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

The big benefit for people in the middle is that “Bump+” helps people get beyond the slogans. Slogans can contain a lot of truth and grace, but they can also shut down thinking. If you can get people beyond slogans, that is a big benefit.

On the pro-life side of the coin, we have to make sure that we’re not just articulating arguments, but that we can feel with those who are facing the decision and the temptations that lead one toward abortion. This doesn’t mean that the decision should be anything other than choosing life, but the more we understand them, the better we will be able to help them."

Uh-oh. Someone tell Laura that Fr. Frank Pavone is “muddying the waters”.


The final episode has been posted, but it's a bit ambiguous on what happens with one of the characters. Next week there will be a wrap up episode with the producers - I'm looking forward to see what they say about this one character.

All in all I think it was a very unique and interesting project. Not sure what it may have done for the pro-life movement, but it was well done and original. Something we don't really see these days.



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