Is AOL Instant Messenger slogan blasphemy?


Is new AOL IM slogan marketing blasphemy?
‘I AM’ pitch takes God’s name in vain, say some shocked critics

Here is the World Net Daily article

It sure looks blasphemous to me. And I agree with Millar when he says that “AOL would never think of using – or misusing – the names “Allah,” or “Buddha” in its corporate marketing efforts.” Imagine the outcry.

Gee, maybe the Internet really is the Anti-Christ afterall. :eek:


They stole “I am” from a Canadian beer company.


Most people when refering to God say God not “I am”…

I use this phrase on a daily basis…I am your mom, I am your wife, I am his wife, I am their mother, I am Austrian, I am …I am…I am!


Moving to apologetics. Not really news.


I think that is a bit of a reach. I really have doubts that they were making a reference to God, and this is coming from a guy who really does not like AOL.


It’s just a play on words of the term IM compared to the term I Am. Its intent is to convey how AIM provides multiple ways of communicating to suit anybody’s taste, hence the “I Am” referring to individuality.


[quote=Ani Ibi]They stole “I am” from a Canadian beer company.

Does Molson still use that slogan?


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