Is Atheism Dead? Interesting Read


Just saw this article posted in a Facebook philosophy group I’m a member of, and I wanted some feedback from on it.


A strong case is made that atheism is dead as an intellectual endeavor, with some bold claims about science.

A few brief claims:

  • Science has shown the universe is designed.
  • Science has shown life is designed.
  • Abstract concepts like logic, morality, and mathematics has shown that there’s more to existence than the physical.
  • God believers built science.

There’s a lot more, but those are some of the bolder claims off the top of my head.

I’d love to read some thoughts on this subject from a religious perspective (or even an atheist one).

Do you think atheism is dead?


I think the fourth of the four claims is largely true. The others not.


What is the functional difference between atheism and the belief that what we perceive as existence, including ourselves is a computer started running by an entity that grew bored with it shortly after the start and had wandered off to eat lunch and left it running since then?

Because that explanation is compatible with the bold claims you presented.


‘There is no significant example in history, before our time, of a society successfully maintaining moral life without the aid of religion’ - The Humanist magazine
‘There is a God-shaped vacuum in the heart of every person, and the heart will be forever restless until it finds solace in Him’ - St Augustine


I don’t think Atheism is dead nor do i think Atheism is even an issue in our society. Most secularists believe in some sort of creator but their ego doesn’t allow them to believe in Jesus and his death and resurrection, they believe in something and then stop there. They don’t question what that something is nor care. They don’t care about consistency which is why they can borrow from the Naturalist world-view to justify abortion by claiming right and wrong is relative to the desires of society and then instantly switch to the Theistic world-view to claim that they have certain rights and value which only makes sense in a Judeo-Christian world-view. The naturalist (Atheist) world-view is only accepted as much as one allows so they can justify how they live, the Christian world-view is accepted as much as one allows because many of it’s truths fulfills their very being. Therefore i don’t even think Atheism is even an issue, the Issue is people have invented their own God, their ego and there is unfortunately only one way to break from that, their eventual fall.


Atheism isn’t dead and never will be until the end of the earth.

This article is just what? Wishful thinking?

Honestly, no atheist is going to be moved by these flimsy arguments, any more than a Catholic is going to be moved by an article written by atheists stating that Christianity is dead.


It would be fitting if this claim were backed up by some empirical evidence. Such as: a decrease in sales of books/goods relating to atheism; a decrease in atheistic websites; a substantial decrease in the numbers of people who claim to be atheist. Etc…


OK, no significant example before our time. Granted. But in our time, over the recent several decades, there have been already several examples of societies maintaining moral life without the aid of religion, in that the majority of people in these societies do not actually believe in god or gods or any religion. The main examples are Czechia, Estonia, and the Scandinavian countries. It is true that a majority of people in Scandinavian countries call themselves Lutheran, but then most do things like infant baptism and Christmas more as a custom, a tradition, more like an ethnic tradition, rather than for any reason of faith, since as far as faith, they are mostly atheist or agnostic. So for them calling themselves Lutheran is really a matter of tradition rather than belief. Few are believing Lutherans. Few go to church often. Yet these countries have a far lower rate of murder or other violent crime than here in the US, where most are believing Christians. So most Czechs, Estonians, Swedes, Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Icelanders and Faeroese maintain quite a moral life without the aid of religion. Though I think nobody is perfect, there is nobody who has never done anything in his or her life immoral. And my opinion agrees here with the Jewish Bible, so this is the usual Jewish opinion. Of course Christians believe in one exception, Jesus. And some Christians believe in another exception, his mother Mary. And some Christians also teach that little children, below the age of accountability, are considered sinless.
In Czechia, the mostly impoverished Roma minority has a considerably higher rate of crimes than the Czech majority, even though a considerably larger percentage of the Roma (traditionally called Gypsies) are believers in a religion than Czechs. In Estonia, the Russian minority has a higher rate of crimes than the Estonian majority, even though a higher percentage of Russians are believers. In Scandinavian countries like Sweden, Norway, the Muslim minority has a considerably larger crime rate than the local Scandinavian majority, even though most Muslims are believers. Though I am certainly not saying religion causes crime. There are specific sociological reasons for each of these minorities of why they have higher crime rates.


How are we defining “dead” here? There’s a few arguments made for atheism being false, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t atheist.


Dear me…it’s one of the worst sites I’ve seen for quite a while. Badly thought out, badly written, badly laid out, awful grammar, risible and cliched arguments and nonsensical and incorrect claims. The best I could say about it is that it doesn’t use the multiple garish colours one normally associates with these type of web pages. Although there must be at least a dozen different font types.

Written by someone called J. Allen. That wouldn’t be you by any chance, ADeepThinker?

I was going to post the link but it’s not worth a minute of anyone’s time. I just spent a few minutes there and I could feel myself becoming less intelligent the more I read.

You have been warned…


I just want to add something. At first people believe in God. Then people became smart and disprove God’s existence. But they became so smart that rediscovered God’s existence. Period.


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