Is Audrey Santo a Saint?

Did anybody else see this on 20/20? I never heard of her before and some of this story just sounds weird.

Is Audrey Santo a Saint?

At Audrey Santo’s funeral on April 18, mourners filled the cavernous St. Paul’s Cathedral in Worcester, Mass.
Not one but two bishops attended the service befitting of royalty. Hundreds – many, complete strangers – filed past her casket.

“To a very large percentage of people in this society and around the world, a person like Audrey doesn’t count,” said the Rev. Emmanuel Charles McCarthy from the dais.
But somehow Audrey Santo did count. What drew these mourners and millions around the world to the life of a bedridden 23-year-old?

Because she nearly drowned at the age of 3, Audrey was trapped in a comalike state. For two decades, she never spoke a word and never walked, but people believed she was a messenger of God who had the power to heal the sick and inspire the hopeless. Many believed she whispered in God’s ear, asking for miracles.
The story of her supposed powers drew throngs from around the world, and her family’s modest home became a mecca, where mysterious things were said to have happened. Statues moved, pictures bled and icons inexplicably wept oil.

I didn’t see 20/20 but am somewhat familiar with Audry Santo…only time will tell if she is a saint…very interesting…

Interesting and touching read.

She won’t be a saint unless the Catholic Church declares her a Saint.It surely won’t hurt to ask her to pray in intercession for us! I think she is very busy in heaven

In 2000, my parish priest took a few of us down to Audrey’s. I was dealing with the suffering my dad was experiencing, at the hand of Pulmonary Fibrosis. Audrey’s mom spoke with us, and being obedient to her Bishop, she would not allow us to see Audrey, only our Priest, Father Rice was able to spend time with her. Mass was celebrated and I was able to taste the oils that were on the Eucharist for a month after! There was oil everywhere, coming down off the walls, in the Lectionary, on the Altar. I left there at peace with dad’s impending death, with my self.

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