Is baptism by immersion the only effective method?

A family member of mine has ‘discovered’ that baptism isn’t truly effective unless there is a total immersion of the person being baptised. He said, “I used to think spritzing and/or dunking a baby with holy water was being baptized. Just like you I was wrong. Our Bible tells us different. I am researching where and when that practice started. So far I have gotten vague answers. I`ll keep looking. I could not feel & live like a Christian If I did not attempt to help others in thier quest of knowing Jesus Christ correctly.”

Could you help me out with this lost sheep, and help bring him home? Thanks!

The bible does not tell us that immersion is the only effective method of baptism and we know that even very early Christians did not always baptize this way. For a detailed explanation see Baptism: Immersion Only? Perhaps this is the resource that your relative is searching for.

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