Is Baptism enough for Eucharist?


I was baptized (Catholic) as an infant but never raised in any faith as my parents aren’t religious (not to sure why they decided to baptize me and lie in Church…).
Anyways…I’ve recently felt more connected to religion and am starting to explore the faith etc… As I was never brought up in the faith, I never did my First Communion or Confirmation.
Can I still receive Communion at Mass if I was only ever baptized? And also, can I go to confession even though I was never taught how to etc.? I know I’m not a ‘proper’ Catholic but at the moment I’ve found a sort of peace now that I’ve got to know God and the teachings.
It’s cool if I can’t at the moment, I guess I’ll just have to wait a few years until I’m older to start to rejoin the faith. :slight_smile:



Talk to a priest. But if you really feel like you should become deeper in your faith, there’s no reason why you should wait a few years. Your parish priest can guide you.




The disciples were required to do two things to turn you into a disciple also

  1. Baptize you into the Name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Teach you to observe all he commanded them to observe.
    See a priest to make number 2 real for you; it makes Catholic life infinitely better - like being right there with Jesus.


I understand from what you said in another thread that you are 16 and your mother isn’t really okay with you going to Mass, so when you speak to a priest about your situation please be sure he is aware of this. He will be best be able to advise you if he knows about your parents’ position on this.

God bless!



You should speak to a priest,especially about the confession issue. If you really feel like you want to become Catholic do your own research,pray as a Catholic. I’m actually in the same position as you are. I was baptized Anglican,but want to become Catholic. I will as soon as I turn 18. You can go to confession for advice from a priest but he may or may not absolve you. I go to confession but usually I don’t get absolution just a blessing. Good for you for looking into Catholicism,you rock!

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Haha thanks :slight_smile: Do you not get absolution because you weren’t baptised Catholic or because you weren’t brought up Catholic or something else?



I think it’s because I was not brought up Catholic, I assumed the priest knew I was baptized because I told him I’m Anglican. Although I have received absolution before with a different priest. Feel free to message me if you want to talk about anything.

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