Is baptism in an nondenominatinal church legitimate?

My grandson wanted to be a Catholic but his mother had him baptised in a nondenominational church. He said when he gets sixteen he will become a catholic but in the meantime he was afraid that if he didn’t get baptised that something could happen to him and he would not be able to get into the Kingdom of Heaven. I thought that he had the right idea there but is such a baptism legimate. Will he have to be baptized again if he wants to become a catholic later in his life? Please help me to understand for I know nothing about a nondenominational church. ( not that I’m interested) I will die a catholic.

It would depend upon the particular church and minister that performed the baptism. All baptisms that invoke the Trinity as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit while pouring water are considered valid. If you ask someone who was there they can probably tell you if it meets those requirements.

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