Is Bayonetta ok to play?

It is about a witch who fights Angels well I guess because they are attacking her. She doesn’t remember her past. She sells their Halos for wepons after killing them. They don’t look like Angels more like monsters. Anywho the Angels are trying to resurect their creator Jubileus to I think destroy the world and make it perfect. I guess Jubileus is their Goddess or something but before Bayonetta refers to God as a him before… Mabye Jubileus is suppose to work for God? Anywho the Lumen Sages, who alied themselves with the Angels, were losing the war or lost it got humans to persecue the witches. The witches ally themselves with the Demons. The witches are mostly killed out except for 2, 2 of our main charecters. One, Bayonetta is put asleep for 500 years, and wakes up with no memory. Long story whort she is the left eye to awaken Jubileus the Creator and is the daughter of a Lumen Sage and Umbra Witch. Which broke the clans agreement which caused the mother to be imprisioned for life and mabye the father exiled. In the end tJUbileus awakens, is defeated and Bayonetta summons I guess the opposite of Jubileus which punches her into the sun. And they are up to their old antics again in the ending. Keep in mind they don’t use actaul Angel names and such they name them like Joy and other stuff and there are spheres of Angels.

Bayoneta alies herself with a man named Rodin who sells her wepons who was a former Angel kicked out of Paradiso who went to inferno, left and started his own sort of bar. He probably is based on the Devil.

I beat the game a few times but now think it might be wrong.

Also they speak a language made by a man who said it was what angels speak, and it was a time during the middle ages. It appently can be used in Magick and might deal with it. Both angels say it in the game and Bayoneta/Jeanne when they summon Demons to kill the Angel bosses. The Angel bosses usually get dragged down to Inferno.

This game doesn’t take itself seriusly though, and the plot can be interpreted a little differently. I might have gotten things a little wrong though.

It is a fun game though. :slight_smile: The only thing that bothers me is the endochian language and Rodin but he acts meh a little funny.

The sex, nudity and sexual jokes don’t bother me and are sometimes funny aswell.

Well that seems like it… so thank you!!!:D:D:D

I’m a big fan of video gaming, mostly on PC. I would not play this game though. I have a serious problem with any game that makes evil (like demons) into the good guys. There are a tons of great games out there to choose from that don’t do this sort of thing. Is the game a FPS, RPG, Strategy? There are games that have gory violence and harsh language that I play, but alot of times it’s just an attempt to add to the realism of the game which I think is alright as long as it’s an adult playing and can understand that it’s just a game. I stay away from games with sexuality woven into them, it’s hard enough to keep lust at bay without having to see it in games too… I’ve heard of Bayonetta before, but don’t know much about it. From what you say though, I would seriously recommend finding a better game to play.

It really doesn’t make them into good guys either. It kinda makes both into bad. If Bayonetta dies in the story or if any witch does she gets dragged down to Inferno because they make pacts with demons.

Bayonetta doesn’t really care about Inferno or Paradiso, she says that they can ripe each other to part for all she cares or something like that. She is just looking for answers for her past and all. She allied with Demons and still does I would think.
I’m on the fence with this one. Mabye another playthrough I thought before or just watching a play through.

it is kinda the same as Devil May Cry in gameplay, same guy made it.

And the sex doesn’t really bother me.

When you fictionalize demons, they tend to diverge from being something theologically correct. That’s just how it works. Angels are granted no different a treatment. A story need not be bound by the laws of Theology because well, it’s just a made-up tall tale.

In short, you’re just playing a game, not taking a Catechism class. I wouldn’t worry about it. :thumbsup:

Wow thanks for clearing that up. :smiley:

But a Charecter based on the Devil is a little iffy for me. Mabye if I look up more and see more of a playthrough it would help.

But I’m starting to think of it as ok, I’ll try playing it again sometime or watch more of a walkthrogh and a review.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:

If you were to actually read up on the Church’s strictly Theological standpoint, then you really can’t base a character on the devil without making nothing short of an unsympathetic villain. If there’s even a slight deviation from that, then you’ve created something else entirely.

Never really thought of it like that. Hmm now you got me to think. :smiley:

It does have him sorta trying to get his powers back but Bayonetta beats him and gets a new wepon after she gets him what he needs to do regain his powers.

You are getting me to think. :smiley:

Also he makes the demon or its soul into a wepon or just takes their wepon when he lures it out with special crystalized angel voices and kills it or injures it. But I’m guessing kills it.

Also I wanna add the game also uses the Angel Hierarchy sorta. It has some of the names and all like Archangels but no one named just a sorta class that are Archangels. But they do not look like Angels too much…

More thinking is necessary…

This game is not a sin to play, but only a sin if you become a witch.

A game is a game and life is life, don’t play the game if it effects your life with sin.

Also a language the Angels and Bayonetta/ Jeanne speak is Endochian a language made by an occultist. He thought it was given to him by Angels and believed in trying to know Angels through supernateral ways.:eek:

Bayonetta/ Jeanne use it in their summonings of Demons and the Angels speak in it.

Last thing that’s strongly troubleing me…

If this game is troubling you at all then don’t play it

I sorta think it’s ok or wanna play it but I’m thinking its bad because the language is from an occultist and is used in magic… but according to wiki (I depend on wiki alot don’t I…) it has been like put down by linguistics so they could have made it up.

I beat the game like a few times and all but wanna play it again.

Anymore views are greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

I’m kinda surprised a little this didn’t get as much controversy as Harry Potter…:shrug:

Anywho, is it called bump for like more views… is it wrong I’m doing it myself…

The thing is I think I have a mental illness and all and prayed for an answer but I think it is my mind saying it was bad in the morning while I was half awake. I think it is sorta ok now. My mind made me and makes me frustrated alot.

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