Is beeing a 'sugar daddy' or 'sugar baby' sinful?

Is beeing a ‘sugar daddy’ or ‘sugar baby’ sinful?

If you mean being in a sexual, outside-of-marriage relationship with an older, richer person, yes. Not because they are older or richer, but because you are not married to them.

However, if one marries in such a stuation-- for false/ulterior motives or based on a condition (i.e. marriage of convenience)-- it is sinful and creates an impediment to valid marriage.

If there is sex involved, absolutely yes it is a sin. And even without sex involved, it could also be sinful, and it is certainly unseemly. A Christian should not be involved in the situation at all. (actually, no one should be.)

And I would be horrified if my daughters were to be involved in something like this, even if there was no sex involved. It is objectifying a person as something that can be bought.

This. Very much this.

With respect to a non-sexual relationship, then if a person chooses to be exceedingly generous to another younger person, then that is their own choice provided it’s not for the purposes of encouraging improper sexual activity.

To be on the receiving end of such largesse would be sinful if a person were doing so without any care or compassion for the person bestowing the gifts.

You could say that those who reject God are in the position of using all the gifts God bestows on us (and thereby using Him) without showing him the due love and thanks that he deserves.

The answer to the question is, therefore another question, namely: would God approve? Answer that, and you know where you are.

Even so, if such compassion or care is based on monetary provision, then it is a sick perversion of the Christian love that we are called to in a relationship (to discern marriage, which entails a vow of “for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer”). Such a perversion of the purpose of romantic love is fertile ground for sin (if it is not sinful in and of itself).

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