Is being a MASON anti-Christian?

I read a book by a former Mason who says it indeed is…that Masonry is way too “relativistic”. I know the Catholic Church is against members being Masons. Do any Protestant denominations have a policy against Masonry? It sounds like it’s an organization that is serving to pull Christian members away from the One True Lord Jesus Christ. Any opinions or first-hand knowledge???

No thoughts huh???:shrug:

read what pope leo xiii said on freemasonry:

Humanum Genus

Any Protestant religions comdemn FreeMasonry? Or is it just the Catholics? Thanks.


As you might know, it’s very hard to generalize about Protestant bodies, but I believe the Missouri Synod Lutherans and the Presbyterian Church in America discourage or prohibit Masonic memberships, at least among leaders and clergy.

A few mainstream Protestant denominations, like the Missouri Synod Lutherans and some Southern Baptist congregations are anti-Masons, but most, like the Episcopalians, Methodists, Presbyterians, Disciples of Christ, American Baptists and non-Missouri Synod Lutherans do not oppose Masonry. Many Protestant clergymen are Masons - here in Kansas, the Grand Chaplain is an Episcopal Minister.

Most of the Pentecostal and Fundamentalist Protestants are anti-Mason.

The Jews generally don’t oppose Masonry.

We all know the Catholic position is on this subject.

I know one ex-Mason, he became a Friend, and since Friend’s do not perform oaths, he left the Masons when he became convinced.

Protestants are so divided that one cannot really say if they approve or don’t appove. What’s the point in finding a Protestant community that says one way or the other? Besides, there’s no way to know how long they’d support/not support it.

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