Is being a vegetarian morally "right"?

I am a vegetarian and all my life I disliked meat (which is pretty weird for a Texan). Once as a young teen I stumbled upon a PETA magazine, thinking it was just for animal lovers, and saw some articles about animal testing, and decided I didn’t want to know about it. More recently I was looking up ways to get extra protein, iron, and calcium into my no-meat diet when I came across several PETA ideas and recipes. Soon after a little surfing there I witnessed some incredibly disturbing videos, articles, and photos of various animals being brutally treated in slaughterhouses. :bigyikes:

Despite what I saw, I still firmly understand that slaughtering an animal for food is not immoral. I know several figures in the Bible have done such things and that some animals were put on planet earth for that very reason! I also know that animals don’t have “rights” despite what PETA fights for. But when I see God’s own creatures living awful lives and constantly being abused by humans I wonder, is it immoral to eat some kinds of meat?

When someone simply doesn’t know what happens in slaughterhouses I can understand that, but if you know about it, would it be morally “right” to avoid eating meat? Thanks.

These links should be helpful for understanding the Catholic response to vegetarianism. If you have any further questions or concerns that are not answered by these links, please contact Catholic Answers directly.

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