Is being "afraid" that someone will know you believe a sin?

I read somewhere that if you are afraid that people will know that you belive you are sinning. I mostly don’t want people to know that im a practising Christian and i mostly try to hide my “Christian” activities because i live in mostly secular country and people would think im weird. Am i sinning? Also i would like to clarify that im not embarrassed of my religion and if someone asked if i believe in God or if i am a Christian i would want to say a clear yes.

If you said yes and they didnt recognize you as a Christian before that, youre doing something wrong.

“Not everyone who calls me Lord, Lord will enter the kingdom of Heaven, but only those that do the will of the Father.”

Time to man up. If you are ashamed of God now, He may be ashamed of you later when it comes time for you to be judged. I wouldn’t want to take that chance.

Who cares if people think you’re weird??? Be bold about being a Christian, share the love of God! :slight_smile:

I suggest that it is not a good idea to be overly concerned about something you “read somewhere”…

The matter that you broach here is a tricky one. Our Lord says that if we deny him before men He will deny us before the Father…
Yet he likewise says that we are not to do things for show…We are to go to our “inner room” to pray, we are to give quietly, to not take the seats of honor at banquets…and other sayings that point to the need to be sincere and forthright but not showy.

So the key seems to be one of firm belief and sincerity in ones belief and action.

I would suggest that if your actions are based on “fear” that there may be some issues you need to resolve. But we do not have enough information here to try to go into that…

If you were Catholic we would readily suggest that you talk to your confessor.
Since you are not…you might consider some other spiritual adviser…Or you might call the nearest parish and talk to the priest there…


i’m a little confused by what you said here. generally people don’t recognize me as a christian on the spot and i don’t exactly go around flaunting it either. i mean i do bring up my beliefs in conversation if it applies

do you mean not taking for yourself the seats of honour at banquets? what if someone else is really trying to give you that spot?

i don’t really understand your train of thought. if you’re not embarrassed, when why do you hide your christian activities and don’t want people to know?

Hi Timi Celcer,

I kind of know how you feel. I was once very afraid of my peers knowing I was Catholic, because of the implied pro-life and pro-traditional family ideas that come with that - once admitting to be Catholic, how could I refuse to admit I agree with the church on those important issues, if asked? Fortunately through prayer I have found the strength to overcome these fears slowly, to the point where though I am not vocal about my beliefs where it doesn’t come up, I at least find ways to let others know where I stand. Why is it a bad thing to let your religion be part of your life? How could it be bad to let God be a visible part of your life?

There is a fine line as someone mentioned. I do not, for example, say more than that I go to church on Sundays (even this was a big step for me). That opens the door for people to ask as little or much as they want. And after all, if asked what I did with my weekend, I would list everything else, why not in passing mention my faith? I would not want to go into other things I do for my faith (how often I pray/go to confession/etc.) because I do not want people to think that I am somehow better than them, or that I think that I am.

Is it a sin to deny your faith? Yes. But I don’t think simply being afraid is a sin. Certainly fear does not come from God, it is a trap from the evil one. Being afraid is not a sin, but acting on that fear can be. My best advice then would be to pray to God to free you from fear. Though I do not believe fear itself is a sin, I do know it is a door that can lead to sin. For example, if you are afraid to be kind to someone that your community/school/society has labelled an outcast, that is not a sin. If you willfully pass up the opportunity to be kind to that person when the opportunity presents though, you sin by your inaction.

Nothing good ever comes from being afraid. Many good things come from overcoming fear. God is your absolute best bet to overcoming fear.

Hope that helps.

Don’t hide your candle–Matthew 5:14-16. Some might become interested in your faith and look to you for guidance.

Im not afraid to say that im a Christian or that i believe in God. I dont want to pray in front of people or give thanks to the Lord before meal because they would think in weird. But if someone asked i would ALWAYS say that im a Christian or that i believe in God. Also i am a Catholic because i was baptized catholic but im still confused wheter catholicism is right or protestantism.

St Paul “confronted” St Peter because he acted differently in one group setting than in another group setting…This would seem to indicate that you should not be afraid to pray or thank God or say grace before meals…

However - Paul says in another place that he (Paul) acts differently around different people so as to (hopefully) save some…This could indicate that keeping your faith low key might actually make you a better evangelist.

Of course the fact that you haven’t decided on what you believe yet compounds the problem…
I was in that place many years ago and frankly I was quiet about my faith at that time too (and eventually lost most of may faith).

I know this isn’t much help…but sitting on the fence only makes things more difficult.


This fear will infinitely increase as you continue to be secretive, and it will infinitely decrease as you continue to be open and honest.


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