Is being attracted to the same sex a mental illness in your opinion?

Is being attracted to members of the same sex a mental illness in your opinion? It is in my opinion.

I really don’t think it is a mental illness. It may be disordered, but that isn’t the same thing. I have same sex attraction (I am a chaste bisexual woman happily married in a sacremental marriage to a man)and I am not mentally ill. The professional psychological community agrees with me. Plus conversion therapy for people with SSA has very low “sucess” rate and very high depression and suicide rates. I think it is because it causes false hope that SSA is just a mental illness with a cure. When they aren’t able to become straight, it causes feelings of hopelessness and despair.

Logically it’s not evidence of mental illness but it’s a construct and therefore has a cause. Contrary to the world view that it’s naturally occurring, SSA comes from some emotional need which has become imbalanced. I don’t think that previous “methods” of treatment which included ECT and strong medication are appropriate and indeed any secular medical involvement of these types are barbaric in my opinion.

In summation not only from a Catholic moral perspective do I object to SSA but also from a pragmatic view; looking at the future of Western society and the fall in the birth rates which have come about due to “individualisation” and selfishness where people justify their lifestyle which obviates self sacrifice and replaces it with constructed lifestyle choices.

I hope that people don’t find my views “bigoted” :rolleyes:

I think of it more as a “condition” or “syndrome”, rather than an “illness”.

Well, same sex activity occurs in many animal species as well and since they don’t have “emotional needs” like us, I think it is obvious that it isn’t necessarily due to an emotional need. Also I am a very happy and balanced person with SSA , who has a good relationship with my family and my parents, I have lots of friends, I have a very good relationship with my husband, I am pretty normal and emotionally fulfilled. Despite that I have had SSA since I have started puberty at age 10. I think many who don’t have SSA, don’t really understand it and therefore think there “must be something wrong” with us who do have it.

I don’t see you as bigoted, as long as you don’t hate me for having SSA even though I am living chastely. lol. You would be surprised how many people feel that way. Even had a guy threaten to burn me alive.

I am also bisexual although I prefer to say that I am attracted to the same sex and the opposite sex. I am more attracted to the opposite sex than I am to the same sex and I am thankful to God for that. I am not married and have never been married. I have regretfully been unchaste with men before but not with women. I have confessed these sins though and I know I am forgiven. Also, even though I am attracted to the same sex as well as the opposite sex I do consider it to be a mental illness though it is without a cure. Just because something doesn’t have a cure doesn’t mean it isn’t an illness or disease. Cancer does not have a cure but it is still a disease. There are ways to treat cancer and get rid of it but there is still no cure for it.

I wasn’t saying that it wasn’t a illness because there is no cure, I was just talking about the dangers of conversion therapy. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am also more attracted to the opposite gender and in a different way then I am attracted to the same gender (I am romantically and sexually attracted to men, while I am only sexually attracted to women), but most people with bisexual attractions aren’t equally attracted to both genders. I do not think that I am mentally ill, I have known plenty of mentally ill people, with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, O.C.D., ect. and what I experience is nothing at all like what they experience and have to deal with. I agree with the medical community in thinking that SSA is not a mental illness, but I also agree with the Church that it is disordered.

Interesting opinion. Would like sources for your statement that it comes from an emotional need.

From the “horse’s mouth” so to speak….Father Check’s apostolate ministry is Courage…the Church’s Pontifical Council for the Family approved ministry for homosexual men and women…and family members.

Listen to these two Catholic Answers Radio shows…he has more than an opinion…about homosexuality…he knows all aspects…spiritual and psychological and physiological…and works with the reality of the homosexual man/woman’s strengths and weaknesses.

Who knows the human person better than the Catholic Church…no one…I mean absolutely no one – IMHO. Who has 2000+ years of continual and constant and consistent…ministry for Man (male and female)…using the “makers blueprint”…to minister to Man in all of his…successes and failures…all of his holiness and sinfulness…all of his walks in life…in all aspects of Man’s life in time and history…wealth, poverty, challenges and disasters…natural and man-made…and…all of the Church’s Truths and Wisdom and Teachings…are based on Christ’s revelation of who/what Man is (and who/what Man isn’t)…led for 2000+ years by the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit.

Pax Christi

[INDENT]12 Dec

Homosexuality and Catholic Teaching
Fr. Paul Check

Homosexuality and Catholic Teaching
Fr. Paul Check




Courage, a Roman Catholic Apostolate… ministers to persons with same-sex attraction and their loved ones. We have been endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family and our beloved John Paul II said of this ministry, “COURAGE is doing the work of God!” We also have an outreach called EnCourage which ministers to relatives, spouses, and friends of persons with same-sex attraction.

From a purely medical doctor’s professional practice:

The Psychology of Homosexuality
Wednesday, Aug 26, 2009 - 6pm ET
Dr. Joseph Nicolosi

Dr… Nicolosi is:

Dr. Nicolosi is one of three founding members–and former President–of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), a 1,000-member professional association founded in 1992 ( NARTH’s goal is to support mental-health professionals who work with same-sex-attracted clients seeking change; and to promote respect within the mental-health profession for worldview diversity—whether a person seeks to identify as gay, or to work toward developing his heterosexual potential.

The NARTH website is viewed by over 100,000 visitors each month. It is the only secular group in the U.S. which protects the rights of therapists to counsel clients with unwanted homosexuality.

Pax Christi

I do not believe it is a mental illness. I think it is an anomaly, and I think a lot of it may be caused by some hormonal imbalance before birth. I think what may cause the depression and anxiety many gays feel is the rejection most have had from society. I do not believe it is an “alternative” to heterosexual sex. Nature does not operate that way, it does everything it can to ensure survival of the species. It is not “natural”, in that sense, but it does occur.

Having said that, I believe that we should treat gays with respect and compassion, not hate and discrimination. This does not mean one needs to support the active homosexual lifestyle or so called gay “marriages.” But it means that we should follow what the Church teaches on how we ALL should treat each other, because we are ALL sinners.

The Bible does not seem to single out homosexual sex as more grievous than fornication or adultery–they all are seen as grievous sins, all are sex outside of the bonds of matrimony.

It is not an illness, it is a “natural” (not Natural law Natural, but scientifically natural) condition. Research has been done to show that improper release of certain chemicals while a child is in the womb can lead to homosexual attractions later in life.

Some see the perceived “naturality” or non-naturality of homosexuality as an issue–it is not. Many sins are natural. Men naturally have the urge to impregnate as many women as possible due to the instinct of procreation in order to further the human race–“naturally”, the identity of the woman is of little concern–so fornication and adultery can be seen as “natural.” But fornication is still clearly a sin. Likewise, self-preservation instincts make stealing, coveting, and even murder potable “natural” actions. Once more, that does not vindicate the sin.

This is because sin comes down to the Natural Law, the law of conscience that all mentally developed persons are born with. The Holy Spirit early on fills us with the desire to do what is right, and while that desire may be blocked out by a wide range of cultural factors that encourage any kind of sexual release on the basis that it is “natural”, that is not the Church’s concern. We must not be concerned with debating the particulars of “homosexuality” because “homosexuality” in and of itself is not a sin–it is another inborn trait. But the ACT of sodomy is the controllable sinful action that it is our duty to admonish and banish from the earth, just as it is our duty to purge adultery, fornication, pornography, and male-female sodomy as well–not by attempting to poke a hole in the bastion of “naturality” that has so effectively been errected by the secular humanists.

For these reasons I voted “no.”


The way the pendulum is swinging in the secular world, one is ‘forced’ to say no, but I believe the answer is ‘yes.’ It was not too long ago that homosexuality was thought to be a disorder. Back then, most everyone would have voted ‘yes.’ It’s a planned change in social cognition.

Just because in the past “everyone” would have voted yes and now, it isn’t as acceptable to think it is a mental illness doesn’t mean they were right in the past and medical community today is wrong. They also used to use pretty extreme electric shock therapy and they used to give lobotomies to mental patients with ice picks through their tear ducts way too liberally. Popular opinion doesn’t make things true or false. Just because a feeling can lead to sinful actions doesn’t make someone mentally ill for having those feelings. Someone might have the sinful urge to have sex with their girlfriend or boyfriend, but that doesn’t make them insane because they have a sinful urge.

Homosexual feelings are disordered, but that does not make them mentally ill. I am a very happy and emotionally fulfilled, and mentally balanced individual and I so happen to have SSA. I tend to trust the experts in psychology on what is a mental illness or not, just like I trust the Church on what is moral or not. It is generally best to stick to what the experts have to say about things they are experts on.

Sigh. This really isn’t a matter of opinion. Homosexuality is definitionally not a mental illness, because it is not listed in the DSM as one. This is a quote I keep going back to a quote from a priest I know “If these people disagree with their profession on this, what else do they disagree with?”

In the loose sense that a mental illness is a disorder which primarily involves the mind and will (rather than the body), yes, it’s one pretty much by definition.

When the Church says disordered, she means it directs towards a morally disordered end, not that it is a mental disorder. It is disordered in the same way that impatience is disordered towards a lack of charity.

I don’t have sources for it but I’d guess that it’s a human need for love but the focus for that love happens to be a member of the same gender. I reason that it’s not anyway different in terms of emotional need from opposite sex attraction. I empathise with people who have SSA. My religious and moral beliefs would hope that they develop attraction for the opposite sex but that more often that not will never happen. Have I offended you in some way?

Well, most of the people in my life that I love and love me (friends and family) are the same gender as me. As a female, I have mostly female friends and my family is pretty much all females, because most of the males have passed away, the only ones left are my Dad, my Step Dad, my husband, and my brother in law. So I have plenty of love and affection from the same gender, so for me it is not a “need” for love from those of the same gender. I have very fulfilling familial and friendship relationships with those of the same gender as well as those of the opposite gender. The problem is that your reasoning does not fit all people with SSA, so there has to be more to it. Read my other posts as well.

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