Is being effeminate a sin?

I had a combination of scruples and being effeminate. Yes, I am getting help.

Sometimes, I wonder if getting help is making me worse or better.

When I see a man helping out in a situation, I feel like a disgrace to my manhood, and family have even told me so directly. :frowning:

I don’t have a life outside besides finishing school.

I do realize that I have to accept what I cannot change and to change the things that I can.

I do realize that certain mannerisms and behaviors are for females and others for men.

It seems that the gays are moving forward with their lives compared to me. But I am special, because I have the fullness of the truth and Jesus as a Heavenly Father.

On a lighter note: my family is supportive so far.

I wish more guys would come out with their problems. Getting help is intelligent.


Keep up your therapy and stop posting here! Your therapist is trained to counsel you. We’re not.


What does “being effeminate” even mean??? You are who you are. There is no sin in being more or less muscular, or more or less interested in stereotypical male endeavors.

As for scruples, yes you need to be under a priest and a psychologist’s care.

Well that is really mean of your family to tell you something like that. I don’t know what you mean by “helping out in a situation” and why you would be disparaged for someone else helping someone?

Says who? Not the Church.

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