Is being gay genetic or environmental?

Meaning, is it caused by genetics or environment? I’m not motivated to research more myself as they could be biased. So what do people here know or at least opinions?

BTW, I think should be on a different category, sorry.

Nobody knows, it could be both, or it could be different in each case.
But my question would be… Why does it matter?

Effeminate men can be disturbing.

How so? What do you mean by disturbing?

I see them male then act their version of a woman. It’s naturally disturbing and even disgusting.

Well, that sounds like a “you” problem.
Homosexuality is indeed disordered. Acting upon it is a sin.
But the person must be treated with love and respect. I suppose seeing a leper would be disturbing too, but I’m not sure the Christlike response is to call them disgusting.
Do you have any specifics or just the generic " effeminate"?

And then it’s conservative Catholics that are considered judgemental. :confused:

I don’t know what you mean of generic effeminate, but I already described the effeminate I’m saying in post #5.

I respect gays in real life but I’m need to describe what I really feel so I say “disturbing” and “disgusting”.

And I don’t call gays “disgusting” personally.

Effeminate is a vague term, it could mean skipping down the street with flowers in your hair and a dress, or in my neck of the woods it could just mean the guy likes soccer…
Either way this really sounds like something you need to come to peace with in your own soul.

You did.

And you don’t need to “at” anyone on the forums, you can just type a name or use the quote function.

I mean not face to face.

Effeminate; I already described it on post #5. Do I need to elaborate more?

That you don’t call them that face to face means you recognize it is an offensive and inappropriate thing to say; hiding behind the anonymity of an Internet forum does not make it less inappropriate.

I have to say it because I have a need to describe what I really feel. But it’s not intended to offend.

Well it sounds like there is a conflict within you on the issue. Why are you disturbed or disgusted by it, are you worried it might hurt you or do you appeal to some sort of higher morality about it? If so, what?
You question and phrasing is disturbing in itself.
You do need to clarify.

Like I wrote earlier, it naturally gets me disturbed and disgusted.

Then I would suggest counseling if it disturbs you too much.

It’s not too much that I can’t function.

Then perhaps this is not the forum to explore your issue.

This is okay if getting back to the original question of the topic. Maybe just in different category.

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