Is being innocent a bad flaw for actors?

I just came across a story about Amy Adams in People magazine.,20258537,00.html?xid=rss-topheadlines

She may have played a Disney princess and a guileless young bride but don’t confuse Amy Adams with her onscreen alter egos.

“These are the kind of things I hate when I read them” the actress, 34, tells BlackBook about being described as “pure” and “innocent” by the press. “It’s interesting to be perceived as innocent. Innocent of what? I’m certainly not naïve.”

Is it so bad to be labeled as “pure and innocent” now days. My kids loved her in “Enchanted” and she did a great job in the movie, “Doubt” but from the article, she hates to be labled as pure and innocent. I don’t get it.

Anne Hathaway reminds me of the same. She was wonderful in the “Princess Diary” and “Elle Enchanted.” Yet she had to go and make a risque movie to prove herself. I just don’t understand why these actresses feel that they must do this.:shrug:

that sure is sad =\ especially when so many people look up to them as role models for their daughters…

I recently found out that Amy Adams was in “Catch me if you Can”

I don’t think its necessarily that they don’t want to be pure and innocent so much as they don’t want to be type-cast. They don’t want any labels attached to them other than “good actress” otherwise they’ll get restricted offers.

The article seemed to reflect more than that. Being “naughty” is genuinely seen as a good thing in certain circles. And I agree with the OP that this is both silly and degrading.


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