Is being rude to my mother a mortal sin?

Today, I got irritated because my mom was talking a lot. She loves talking, but I wasn’t interested in what she was saying. She kept talking on and on, so I decided to abruptly change the subject by asking aloud an off topic question. I felt really bad after because I basically interrupted her, and I made her a little sad.

Yes, I did know before I interrupted that I was going to be rude, and I chose to do it anyway. But I’m not sure if what I did was grave enough to be a mortal sin. I’m scrupulous, so I constantly think I’m committing a mortal sin. Please help, I’m going to church tomorrow and I don’t know if I should receive the Eucharist or not!


I don’t know you nor your mother. She may have a need to vocalize a lot and not realize it. You could have politely reminded her that she seemed to be rambling. On the other hand, you were certainly focused on yourself. Remember, she is not a sibling or one of the gang you hang around with. She is you mother and worthy of respect. The day may come when you would give anything to hear her ramble and she won’t be there. Being attentive to the needs of others is not only the way to maturity; it is pleasing to the Lord.

It could be a mortal sin. But mortal sin or not, I encourage you to go to Confession before receiving the Lord–who always respected His mother. Above all reflect on how much you cherish your mother and resolve to put her feelings ahead of your own.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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