Is belief in Mary doctrine a barometer of true believers?


I heard a guy on Relevant Radio this morning, (Rod Bennett, author and convert to Catholicism), who cited this passage. He said it was indicative that belief in Marian doctrine would “separate the men from the boys” so to speak, i.e. who were the truest followers of Christ and who weren’t.

**Luke 2:35 …and you yourself a sword will pierce so that the thoughts of many hearts may be revealed.**What do you think?


I would need to hear more of what he said about this, in context.


There’s an unattributed quote I’ve read, that ‘abandoning the Mother (Mary) is but one step from abandoning the Son (Christ)’. Given that He was true and perfect Man and thus fulfills perfectly the commandment to honour one’s mother, I’d believe it!


I believe in Mary, but I bet there are many Protestants that are holier and more faithful than I am. So it isn’t true.


Since belief in Marian dogma is compelled, if one doesn’t ascribe to the these beliefs, they’re separated from the body of faith and heading away from Christ, not towards Him. So yeah, if you deny an infallible truth, the “true believer” barometer goes way down.

On the other hand, if we’re talking about Marian devotions which are not particularly compelled by the Church, I wouldn’t necessarily use that as a gauge, but devotion to the rosary, for example, isn’t a sign of tepidity, that’s for sure.


it is not possible to deny any dogma (not every claim from so called visionaries, but revealed truth) about Mary because all doctrine about Mary is not about Mary, it is about Jesus, and to deny it is to deny some doctrinal truth about Jesus.


Essentially, denying ANY dogma is proof that you are a “less true follower of Christ”.

The Marion dogmas are just more “palatably denied” by protestants than some others. It’s a “weather vane” in telling which way someone is “going”, because it “turns easier” than other doctrinal questions on the protestant theological barn.


Can you please elaborate. How does the doctrine of the Assumption of Mary effect the truth about Jesus?


Thank you all for the answers, but specfic to the original passage in question, do you think it connects Mary to true believers?

Also, MH84, the Assumption is very much about Jesus…for without His death on the Cross, she cannot be sinless, nor Assumed. It is from Him that all of her grace flows. Mary cannot be understood without this knowledge of Jesus. :slight_smile: To love Him is to know as much as is revealed about Him. :slight_smile:


It was the opinion of the great St. Louis De Montfort that no one comes to Jesus, except through Mary. Because she brought the Author of all grace into the world, it is fitting that all grace has been given to her charge and she may dispense with it as she pleases. This is believed to be the special privilege of Mary, the Mother of God. This is hard for Protestants to believe, and they claim that this degrades Christ’s role in the Redemption.

He also believed that almost every heretical religion had one thing in common: lack of devotion to Mary, and often even downright hatred for her.


The 3 wisemen followed the star to find Jesus. Mary’s name means “star of the sea”. The shortest and best way to find Jesus is to follow the star of the sea, Mary. Jesus came into the world the first time through the body of Mary, The second time he will come through the spirit of Mary, evidenced at Guadalupe, Fatima, Lourdes, etc.


Jesus effected the assumption, he is the actor through the Holy Spirit and the fact that Mary is assumed, through his power, bodily into heaven contains the promise of our own resurrection of the body (another credal statement that is mandatory belief).

The Immaculate Conception is a doctrine about the nature of the Incarnation. The solemnity we just celebrated, Mary the Mother of God, one of the earliest celebrations of the Church, articulates belief that Jesus is true God and true Man. are we not discussing these very issues in two current threads which complain about the number of “Marian” feasts on the calendar? I hear an echo


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