Is believing a choice?


How much of a choice is it to believe? For non-believers, it seems like they wouldn’t choose that. It’s just the way they feel.

I don’t choose whether to believe in evolution or not. It’s just the way I naturally feel.


Good question.

It takes a certain measure of faith to believe in anything, really. You can look at all the evidence for or against evolution, and make your own decision based on the facts. But, unless you’ve studied them for yourself and are an expert in archeology and such, you have to take someone else’s word that this skeleton exists and is an intermediate step between man and primate, etc.

It’s a little different with faith. Certainly, you have to take the word of those who write about the faith (i.e. the Gospels, OT , church fathers, etc.) but unlike evolution, one cannot prove the divinity of Christ and his mission like one (may) possibly do (with evolution)with scientific evidence that yet may be uncovered.

Your question seems to imply an uninformed choice, which, may be the case. If someone has never had the faith explained in a way that they can understand, their inclination may just be to be skeptical or reject it outright. Same with evolution; while an uninformed choice may be a “feeling”, an informed belief would be a choice. e.g. “I choose to believe in evolution based on the evidence that I believe to be true” or the opposite.

We cannot have faith without that grace that is given to us to have that faith i.e. we cannot believe without faith, and we cannot have faith without it being given by God.


Yes, God gave us free will to do His will and believe - or to not do it.


The real choice is to live out your belief. Submission and obedience, those require choices every day.


I think far too many people go through life without thinking much beyond the present moment. Kids are taught what to believe when they are young, and they are very good believers. As we get older, we have to internalize the beliefs, and really “believe” for ourselves, not just because we were told, but because it now rationally makes sense. We need to connect the dots, so to speak.

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