Is Benny Hinn is a Traditional Catholic Charismatic in the medieval mystic vein?


I mentioned that Benny Hinn will be in the San Jose JP Pavilion during the 27 & 28 of this month [edited by Moderator].

I’m here to get answers about Traditional Catholicism, not to be moved to another section. According to the article in the link below, Benny Hinn is a traditional Catholic, and the article slams him along with his Catholic Mass. By the way, don’t read it if you are easily offended by criticizing of the Catholic faith.

Your opinions will be appreciated. Is he, or is he not a Traditional Catholic with medieval mystic beliefs? That is a big issue! :shrug:



Benny Hinn is a mentalcostal who apostasized from Holy Orthodoxy.


Benny Hin is not a Catholic. He adheres to the “Word of Faith” doctrine. The article you posted isn’t worth reading. It’s filled with vile errors and misconceptions about Catholic doctrine. It blasphemes the Church of Christ and the eternal Sacrifice of the Eucharist.

If you have some evidence that Benny Hin accepts the seven Sacraments, attends a true Catholic Mass every Sunday, confesses at least yearly to a priest, gives the assent of faith to every article of Catholic doctrine (including marian doctrine), and recognises the Pope as the Vicar of Christ and the Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, please present it. Let’s not get confused about what the Catholic faith is. If Benny Hin does not meet these requirements, he’s not a Catholic.


The article is a ‘perfect storm’.

Couple the author’s hatred for the Catholic Church, and link that up with his hatred of Benny Hinn, and you have raining hatred.

Benny Hinn is a fraud. Like pentecostal evangelists of old, he tricks people into believing he has healing powers. He has never cured anyone who has been really sick.

As for links with Catholicism and mysticism, that is in the article to fuel fires of hatred.

The tread is not posting to a serious topic.



I’m surprised that you guys reject another Catholic like that. As a layperson who never went to seminary Benny Hinn probably makes a few theological mistakes, but still, he has a Worldwide Ministry. Maybe, when the others return from work this evening and start posting, I’ll get some positive input?

He was compared with Kathryn Kuhlman another resent and famous Catholic Medieval Mystic, so now I’m wondering about her too?

Lets face it, if Benny Hinn is a fraud, like has been suggested, then the thousands upon thousands of Christians who are knocked down when he swings his arm across the crowd must be frauds also. I find that hard to accept, but I will remain neutral.



I’m surprised that you guys reject another Catholic like that.

Hinn turned his back on Catholcism ages ago. He is, in my opinion, a complete fraud in it for the money and prestige.


Benny Hinn was never Catholic; he was raised Jewish and converted to Christianity, but he is an Evangelical Protestant.


I wasn’t aware he was ever a Catholic. :slight_smile: He is a protestant evangelist.


Can a knowledgable source confirm that Benny Hinn is a fraud?


How can he be a fraud when he doesn’t clain to be a Catholic?


This is a documentary by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. It reveals serious fraud (and complete insanity) in Benny Hin’s organization:


Benny Hinn is a health and wealth Charsimatic tele-evangelist.
here is the list of the beliefs he teaches

He was born into the Greek Orthodox faith, but apparently he left his roots behind a long time ago.


I’m sorry. Traditional Catholic Charismatic is oxymoronic in extremis. Hinn, if I remember correctly, may have been baptized within the Orthodox church but Kuhlman has never had any association with Catholicism.

Holy_roamer, I don’t know where you are trying to go with this. I am a traditional Catholic in that I was baptized and confirmed in HMC before Vatican II. Both Hinn’s and Kuhlman’s services and ministries (which I have seen on TV) would have been considered absolute anathema prior to Vatican II and in the years immediately afterward. I respect your question but to suggest that Hinn and Kuhlman are traditional Catholics borders on the offensive.

Are you seeking discussion of the saints who have had mystical experiences? The better forum for this is Apologetics.

From an historical viewpoint, the charismatic movement started in 1906 in Los Angeles, CA in a protestant church. Traditional pre-Vatican II Catholicism did not have anything even remotely approaching the charismatic movement.


I don’t know who Kathryn Kuhlman is. Am I supposed to be impressed that he was compared with a nobody?

Maybe he should be compared with Jim Jones?



You made more than just a passing remark, so I’ll respond now rather letting it pilled up. Remember, the “current” Catholic Charismatic Renewal comes out of the experience of Duquesne University Student on a weekend retreat in February 1967. There is plenty written if you search the web. That is how I link Benny Hinn’s charismatic experience with Medieval Catholic Mysticism and not to the Azusa Street Mission.

My charismatic experience is linked to Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles, so last Thursday as I lay prostrate for an hour while in front of the Saint Margaret Mary shrine in church, I wasn’t picking up anything mystical. I prayed continuously in the Spirit, but very softly as not to disturb the congregation.

If you read that sickening article, you will have noticed that Benny Hinn experienced something mystical while receiving communion in a Catholic church in Texas. That is why I am assuming that he had a Medieval Catholic Mystical experience during communion. The guy who wrote that article is really sickening, but he was smart enough to link Benny Hinn with medieval mysticism and Kathryn Kuhlman.



I live in L.A. county, and all these LA experiences are still beyond me.

Benny Hinn has all kinds of ‘mystical’ experiences. I doubt them all.

He ‘cures’ more than Jesus did. He has God speaking to him. He cures people in the home TV audience.

He says that he owes TBN money, so send in money. Do you believe that? He owes Paul and Jan Crouch money - two other theives! I am afraid to say this, but he is in this for the money too. To me, he is a fraud. Everything he does is connected with money.



OK, holy_roamer, that makes more sense now. I would have never associated Benny Hinn with medieval mysticism. I can’t comment on Kuhlman too much either other than I am aware of who she was and have seen video clips. The overwhelming majority of medieval mystic experience is antithetical to Hinn or Kuhlman.

St. Francis, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa (as examples) were all more concerned with the profoundly humbling nature of the experience. They were overcome by the power of God and did not exult in it. It was for them an intensely personal encounter with the Most High and not something to be broadcast on TV.

Long before Mel Gibson’s Passion came out, I had a profoundly vivid dream. I “saw” Our Lord nailed to the cross. I woke up screaming “NO!” which woke my wife up. I was very shaken by this dream. Very shaken. My pastor put me in touch with the diocesan priest overseeing the charismatic movement in our diocese. He was not nice about it and disabused me of any idea that I had had any kind of “mystical” experience.

Hinn and, from what I could tell, Kuhlman make/made the extraordinary mundane. Hinn, frankly, scares me. I do not like what he does. Neither Hinn nor Kuhlman reflect the experiences of what was written by the medieval mystics and in my opinion, there is no comparison.

So, to help clarify this thread, it seems we are discussing the experiences of the modern charismatic movement vs. medieval mysticism. I could be wrong.


Sorry, I took it for granted that everyone knew that Benny Hinn visit’s the graves of Kathryn Kuhlman and Aimee McPherson’s grave for the “anointing”. He even talked about it during a 1991 sermon. I finally found the link for you:

I passed up that stuff, because I am trying to get opinions on Benny Hinn’s link to Traditional Catholicism via medieval mysticism.



Holy_roamer: Benny Hinn is no more a traditional Catholic than I am an evangelical protestant. Nothing, absolutely nothing, he espouses resonates with Catholicism much less with medieval mysticism. I really think you’ld get a better response in Apologetics. From a strictly traditional Catholic point of view, both Hinn and Kuhlman’s activities are anathema and have absolutely no connection to medieval mysticism.


I’m not at all a Traditional Catholic. In fact I consider myself very much in the post Vatican II camp. As with the Traditionalists here, I am extremely offended that someone like Benny Hinn could be considered by anybody to be in way remotely connected to the Catholic Church in any way shape form or fashion.

If you want to know what mysticism is like you should do some research on St. Francis of Assisi, St. John of the Cross or St. Theresa of Avila. For a more modern contemplative do some research on Thomas Merton.

None–repeat NONE–of these holy people had any–repeat ANY–experiences or encounters or “services” like those of Benny Hinn.

Benny Hinn is simply not Catholic. Period. He’s not a Traditionalist. He’s not a “Vatican II” Catholic. He’s not even a Hans Kung dissident.

What connection does Hinn have with Holy Mother Church? ZERO.

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