Is birth control ok in life threatening situations


The “act” being “practicing NFP”, probably not. But there’s a bunch of folks here that say it is.

*shrugs all around


While abstinence may be the best option, it may not be possible for us to achieve. We are all sinners, and we are all creatures afflicted with sexual desires, for some abstinence might be easier than others. I feel that it is better for the couple to have sex while using contraceptives than to start masturbating to pornography, cheating, or getting divorced. I also don’t feel that contraception is killing if no life has been created. I am strongly against anything that kills life, I just feel contraception is prevention. I’m not saying it is good, I just feel it could be a mitigating factor. I am also opposed to many forms of contraception, such as vasectomy or a woman getting her tubes tied, something that is permanent and makes it nearly impossible for conception. We all know that condoms and birth control pills are not 100% effective, they just greatly reduce the chance. That means that conception is STILL a possibility, which is all that is asked of couples.


Ok, but for clarity’s sake, you are most definitely not evaluating a sex act.
We can talk about the couples wills and intentions in abstaining from sex, the choices they are making. Now you have a lot of discerning to do.

But there is no sex act to evaluate, so “contraception” simply does not apply.


I totally respect your views. Really do.

But it just sounds like a device created in an attempt to have the cake and eat it too. “It doesn’t count in this context because X!!!”

I think Christ judges our attitudes and intentions just as much as our deeds, FWIW.

Thanks for your insight.


If the couple desires to stay in communion with the Church, abstinence is the only option, considering that NFP is not an option. period.

Pray for strength to do God’s will…

To quote Woody Hayes, ‘If it’s easy, it ain’t worth a d*mn’. This applies to sainthood and the spiritual life as well as college football.


Abstinence is not a sex act. The couple is not “eating the cake”, so to speak.
Is that abstinence mutual and virtuous, or is one partner being cruel? That’s a different question.


On a personal note, despite all the profound and challenging moral theology calling us to our best selves, I have failed in this area and would likely fail in the OP’s situation. I would aim for the highest for sure but that is a hugely tough predicament for a married couple.

And yes, the Church should continue to propose the narrow road for us. We are called to heroic virtue.


First off, no method of contraception is 100% effective, therefore they are still open to contraception. You’re also assuming that the wife doesn’t want to have sex. What if both husband and wife want to have sex? I’m trying to look at this realistically, they would likely fall short of abstinence. It would be much more of a grave matter if they were to divorce due to the lack of sex, or committing adultery, than to simply use a condom. Again, if god wanted her to conceive, whatever birth control methods they use will fail, I believe that means they are still open to conception.


I’m not referring to the being open here so much as the risk of the pregnancy for the wife. A truly loving husband would abstain rather than risk his wife getting pregnant and dying.


You do realize that everything you wrote is just personal opinion and is not the teaching of the Church?


I didn’t change my position, and abortion certainly is a factor, not to be cast aside lightly.

It wouldn’t, because it is what is meant by “stop” or “don’t rape me”.

If a woman should lack the strength, then she can still say stop, don’t, no etc… so same as my first answer.

  1. Contraception is always evil
  2. Resist rape with all your strength and with everything at your disposal
  3. Abortion is always evil
  4. If not 100% sure there was no conception, risking abortion is never a licit option.

You seem to be inventing considerations which would exempt a woman from all of these. Why are you looking for leeway to do evil?


Are you sure about that, can you cite any Church teaching that supports that?


I know and I hardly agree with it’s modus operandi, I think it ignores Church teaching on the matter.


I cannot quote any church documents no.

But I am 100% certain that a rape victim who begs for a condom has comitted no sin.


Sorry, I have to laugh, anyone who is married would never use that kind of phrase. Me and my wife use NFP and it’s great for our marriage, we actually have attained quite strong self-mastery as a by-product. This extends to other areas of life other than sex as well.


Yeah well, when your old enough and if you ever get married, come back and explain how all this is working out for your wife and yourself.

It’s easy to stand firm on Humanae Vitae, when you’re not in the situation as in the OP.



This is your personal opinion, but do you have any reason for your certainty? I don’t understand how you came to that 100% certain conclusion.


Just as she will have committed no sin if she defended herself by killing the rapist

At this point, using a condom or killing the attacker is justified self-defense.



Why? If it’s wrong to avoid getting pregnant, isn’t NFP always wrong?


Is my reasoning not clear? Not obvious?

Forced prostitution - modern day slavery
When girls and women become pregnant they are forced to have an abortion
Their abusers don’t care about HIV
She begs for a condom

On what planet has she comitted a sin?
Make me understand?

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