Is "blading" a sin?

Over the years, various professional wrestlers have used razors to cut their own foreheads in order to produce real blood for a not-so-real wrestling match. Is the practice sinful?

I’m going to say probably, but I’m really not sure of this. I’d be interested to hear what others think, or if there’s a specific part of the catechism that answers this.

When blading, there’s a risk of transmitting blood-borne diseases or viruses - e.g., HIV. Both wrestlers would have to get themselves tested for these bacteria/viruses beforehand if they want to be responsible adults. They’d also want to get their opponent’s consent as well, if they wanted to be responsible. If they did that, were both free of any transmittable disease, and both went into the ring with full foreknowledge that they’d be spraying blood on each other, then my opinion is that there’s no sin.

However, HIV tests won’t always pick up the presence of HIV in the blood (ditto for the other tests), especially if the person just transmitted the disease. And I’m guessing that the wrestlers aren’t getting tested for every diseases beforehand, and aren’t giving their opponent a fair warning. Because of this, I’d say it is a sin.

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To the OP, I’d imagine that it falls under the category of self-mutilation, so I’d probably say that it is.

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