Is blaming homosexuals for abuse crisis unjust dicrimination

It is my understanding that the abuse crisis in our church has been blamed on homosexual priests, resulting in the barring from the priesthood. Being that those with SSA are no more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals, and those with ssa are able to, and required to, live a celibate lifestyle, is this unjust discrimination? I love my church and would never blame her for anything, I just don’t understand this.

It is not being “blamed on” these priests. The facts of the cases speak for themselves. The data shows that the perpetrators were preying on same sex children and teens in almost all cases of sexual abuse.

No, not exactly. The discernment process uses new standards and some who are unsuitable for ordination will not become priests.

Maybe, maybe not. However, we are not talking about general populations, and predominantly we are talking about sexual relationships with teen boys. We are talking about the priesthood-- where men live together communally and have care of the formation of young boys as well.

Those who are predisposed to act on their urges to form same sex sexual relationships with other men and teen boys are not candidates for ordination.

Those who are able are not necessarily refused ordination.

No. The priesthood is NOT a right. It is a calling, and the bishop (or religious superior) alone determines if a candidate is suitable.

Read the Church’s report on the set abuse crisis.

No, it is not unjust. Homosexuals are responsible for nearly all of the abuse cases since they abused male adolescents, and some homosexuals have said that abusing children is part of the homosexual lifestyle. Heterosexuals are far less likely to abuse children than homosexuals.

They are barred from seminaries (although this law is largely ignored) for the sake of their salvation and to protect the children. Being a priest means that you are surrounded by men a lot of the time, and if there are homosexuals in the group it will be an even bigger temptation that many of them cannot withstand, this is seen in that there are many cases of priests dying from AIDS. They also do not have the mental capabilities to help their parishioners since they have psychological issues of their own most of the time.

This always confuses me. Homosexuality isn’t some dogmatic ideology that follows certain rules. How can something like child abuse be a clear part of homosexuality if homosexuality just involves same-sex relationships? Claims like this just seem like an attempt to defame homosexuals. They don’t really even make sense when you think about them.

It is my understanding that the abuse crisis in our church has been blamed on homosexual priests, resulting in the barring from the priesthood.

That is incorrect. All of the recent Popes, from Pius XII to Benedict XVI, asked that men with serious homosexual issues not be ordained to the priesthood. Some bishops, obviously, did not follow those requests. In any case, celibate homosexuals commit no sin. Those who have sexual contact with children and those who enable them are the only guilty ones.

Being that those with SSA are no more likely to abuse children than heterosexuals

You don’t know that for a fact, that is just something that you have been told.

I’m just repeating what a homosexual that was caught abusing children said.

Big if.

Oh, well case closed then. Sounds like solid evidence for a universal conclusion.

Yeah, I’m going to comment on here just so I’ll be able to find this thread again.

A lot of the times I tell people CAF has lots of anti-gay sentiment, and believe that people with SSA should never be priests or religious. Well, that’s not the Church’s teaching. And, I can very much at least have the possibility of entering seminary that anyone else would.
There is a difference between someone who has lived an active homosexual lifestyle and someone who has it though. As it stands, I am 24 and I’m a virgin. I doubt an increasing number of any men, straight or gay can say that.

24 is an infant. You will only be an effective witness if you continue to overcome for another twenty years.

How old are you? I’ll gladly get back with you in 20 years then, if you’re still alive.

I’ll also take note of all the saints who died before the age of 24. They are saints. I assume you don’t think they didn’t have “an effective witness”. WOW! What a completely arbitrary thing to say! How misguided, and anti-thetical to Church teaching.

I feel like posting the stories of dozens of saints who died before the age of 24 now. How ignorant of our Church’s saints… wow.

I admit, I am ignorant of which saint(s) overcame same sex attraction and remained chaste. Can you point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your witness. And you are correct, the priesthood is not completely out of reach for those with same sex attraction. But, it is a very serious discernment process for the candidate and the bishop.

If you are seriously discerning religion vocation, the best bet is to talk to a vocational director. Either way, thank you for also being a good witness with ssa (I’m in the same boat but 25 instead though I have discerned religious orders are not part of my vocation. The big thing is don’t let any one bother you but remain strong in your comitment to Christ. God bless :slight_smile:

It is unjust.

If someone is homosexual, it does not automatically mean they are a pedophile. There are many homosexuals–priests and non priests–who, obviously, are not pedophiles. Same goes for heterosexual priests/non-preists.

Plus…some of the abuse has been directed toward girls. Are the priests who sexually abused girls homosexual as well?

If homosexuality is to blame, then perhaps ALL altar servers should be girls. That would solve the problem, right?


Part of the homosexual lifestyle?


WHO has said this?


He/she said he/she heard it from a bona fide homosexual caught abusing children, so it has to be factual.

Yes, because **ONE **person said it then it must be for all. It’s not like that is generalizing or anything.

Hey, are you saying that Confederacy Deo isn’t a reliable witness? Stop bringing ad hominem attacks into this.

Thank you.
Well, you certainly do have a vocation, as everyone does. I’m sure you know that, but still, you have a vocation :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t go on these forums much. And my time here recently won’t be causing me to change that. I’m pretty good friends with the vocation director for the Diocese (I had lunch with him today)… just as friends, not as discernment though. But yeah, it just gets me discouraged to see people saying stuff like that.

In real life I very rarely come across that stuff in the Church (sometimes, but 98 or 99 x out of 100 people understand what the Church teaches.

Thanks again. The internet and internet discussions aren’t the best thing in my life, lol.

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