Is Blogging/Posting Without Spouse's Knowledge Lying?


As some of you may know I am a new member here. I joined so I could get advice on my wife’s current behavior…“Can Anyone Help Me Get Closer To My Wife?” Anyway of course my wife does no I am here and telling her might cause problems in our delicate situation. (Again I only joined to get some answers to help my marriage.) So my question is…should I keep posting without my spouses knowledge or should I quit? Something about it seems wrong…kind of like I am lying. Any thoughts?

you are only “lying” if your wife asks you “Did you discuss our situation with others” and you tell her No. As a wife I can tell you I would rather my husband come here and ask questions/advice on our personal issues, then discuss them with neighbors/family/friends without my knowledge. I would not want people I see on a regular basis to know my personal issues…especially if I don’t know that they know.

If you are really conflicted tell her. Allow her to make her own profile and join in the conversation, or simply show her your post and the advice you have received. I remember the post and I don’t think you posted anything that would upset or offend her.

Plus…we are all strangers here, so atleast for me, there is less embarrasment in asking for help here, then for asking for help from someone I know that I then have to worry about them gossiping my business.

I believe that blogging about your marriage/wife without your wife’s knowledge would be inappropriate. (Blogging is primarily for entertainment.) However, posting anonymously on a forum with the intention of improving your marriage is more similar to “group therapy” than “blogging.” I think so long as you are respectful toward your wife in your posts, you are doing no wrong.

When I originally came here looking for help improving my marriage, I had similar concerns. I told my husband that I had “joined a religious-focused forum seeking advice on becoming a better wife.” He was happy that I was seeking self-improvement, not annoyed that I might sharing intimate information anonymously.

I wouldn’t blog without my husband’s knowledge (and if he thought a post wasn’t in good taste I would take it down), but I wouldn’t feel bad about using a forum as an anonymous way to ask advice.

Then again, he was the one who joined here originally and encouraged me to join… and now he hasn’t been on in ages!:rolleyes:

I don’t think it’s lying, but I wouldn’t blog or post very personal information if my husband wasn’t aware of it. When I started blogging I didn’t tell my husband for the first couple months but it was because I wanted to do something technical on my own. He usually wants to swoop in and save the day for me when I do things that involve coding and other technical stuff like that, and I just wanted to do it myself. My husband doesn’t read my blog, but he does like to check out the analytics program that he set up for it.

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