Is bodybuilding sinful?

After reading all these comments I think a very important point was not discussed. Bodybuilding, lifting weights, powerlifting are all intertwined. Many a recovering alcholic, drug addict, wayward teen or adult lives have been saved through weightlifting. Whether that person ended up a bodybuilder, powerlifter or just a better more productive person through weightlifting it has lifted them up to a better lot in life. There isn’t a sport that doesn’t incorporate weightlifting to some degree. I’m a practicing Catholic and lift because I want to become a Personnal Trainer and I have to look the part. Although I’m not training for a contest I am bodybuilding and need to be it top shape as an advertisment for my business. Is that sinful? I doubt it. I give glory to Jesus and God everytime I’m in the gym by making the Sign of the Cross before I start. Sometimes people notice and that’s a good thing. Taking steroids and other drugs to win a Bodybuilding contest is sinful, because your destroying the body God gave you internally.

Another reason why I lift is so I can live longer and be a witness to Jesus and my Religion longer.
Getting children involved with exercising will keep them off the streets and out of trouble and this can include bodybuilding(weightlifting). Anything taken to excess is sinful. With good intentions and remembering that it is God who allows a person to excell at bodybuilding or any other endeavor, lifting weights can be a very theraeputic thing.

This thread is over 6 years old. It probably should not be resurrected.

That being said, I can imagine no greater hell than being in a gym listening to people accuse others of not even lifting bro… For eternity…

The last comment was from last year. I don’t know what you mean by your comment about being in the gym. please explain.

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