Is breast reduction for medical purposes a sin?


I had breast reduction back in December due to many medical issues, breathing problems, curvature to my spine, back pain, not being able to move some days because of how bad the pain was, stress on my shoulders, the list goes on and on. I did not have the surgery to look sexier as some women, it was not a cosmetic surgery in the sense we think of cosmetic surgeries, it wasn’t “I want to look different” surgery since it was deemed medically necessary.
I had mentioned to my priest before I had the surgery what I was having done but he didn’t say anything one way or the other so I am just curious if anyone knows what the church teaches.


Reducing either bread or breasts for medical reasons is acceptable.

My wife has cealiac disease so has had to cut out bread entirely.


Oh gosh evidently I should not try to type in the middle of the night xD. I meant breast


Why would you think that the Church opposes anything medically necessary?



Even fully cosmetic procedures are not per se a sin, so much less if there were a genuine bodily need.



Short answer: No, not a sin.

Let not your heart be troubled.


What on Earth would make you even think this would be a sin? Change out the word “breast reduction” to “knee replacement” in your first sentence. Now, does it sound like it’s a sin? Would you question getting any other kind of surgery to help with breathing, chronic pain, and spinal defects?

To answer your actual question- no, not a sin.


A lot of what I had been able to find online was saying that breast reduction was a sin because it was modifying your body so it made me nervous


A lot of websites are pure nonsense. Anyone can post anything on websites. CAF is much better than the usual because most here are fairly well informed. The other posters in the thread are right, though. It’s no sin to have plastic surgery for health reasons. No sin at all. :slight_smile:


My word!

I had reduction surgery years ago, along with excessive skin removal after losing over 250 pounds. It had to be done.

You can rest easy, sweetie. No different than having your appendix, tonsils, gall bladder, etc. removed.

Hope you are feeling better. Getting rid of the excess not only helps you health-wise, but you will feel so much happier. Happy to pray more and praise Him!


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