Is calling false pagan "gods" gods sinful?

Is it sin to call antic “gods” gods in historical sense without using quote sign? I mean, I know that nobody is going to think that I support paganism just because of it, but is it using God’s name in vain? Question is :IS IT SINFUL.

Not if you use it in the context of a “false god.” For example, you see the term used in Scripture frequently in the sense of a false God:*Genesis 35:2 Put away the foreign gods that are among you…

Exodus 18:11 Now I know that the LORD is greater than all gods, because he delivered the people from under the hand of the Egyptians…*

Even God called them ‘gods’: “Thou shalt not have strange gods before me.”

No–I have never heard that said, that we shouldn’t use the word gods in this way.
I don’t think you could find this idea anywhere in Catholic thought. Giving religious heed to “gods” or worshipping them could be very sinful, but not simply using the word.

The “false gods” the pagans worshiped exist, but they’re not “gods”.

Psalms 106
They didn’t exterminate the nations, as God ordered them, but mingled with them, learning their works and serving their idols. They sacrificed their offspring to demons via the idols of Canaan, desecrating the land with bloodshed and became defiled by their works.

The above scripture passage implies that demonic activity was involved in the sacrificial rituals. I edited the passage for brevity, but it’s original message remains.

:eek: The Israelites probably became demented from their entrenchment into sin, they became “mini-demons”, hence the severity of Heaven’s wrath.

In short, these false gods exist, but they’re not gods, they’re demons. Calling them false gods is not sinful, but you must acknowledge that these entities exist.


Every thread you start asks if something is a sin.

Why haven’t you spoken to your priest about your scrupulosity yet.

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