Is calling the Eucharist host/communion wafer a cookie disrespectful?

Well is it?


You surely know the answer already. Why do you ask?

Yes, so is calling it a cracker.

It sure sells a lot of little tracts like Jack Chick Death Cookie.
It’s ignorant at best.

I think calling it a “wafer” is disrespectful. I was having a debate with an anti-Catholic Independent Fundamentalist Baptist years ago who kept insisting that “Jesus isn’t on the cross anymore, He’s not in the priest, and He’s not in a “wafer””. Calling it a “cookie” is beyond the pale. Besides the shape, it what way is it in anyway like a cookie? It’s water and wheat. Cookies have water, wheat, eggs, oil, sugar, etc. I’ll call the Eucharistic species the “Host” (capitalized) and Precious Blood or Chalice (also capitalized). I don’t understand why anyone would use the term “cookie” if they weren’t trying to be disrespectful.

In Christ,

It is offensive.

And yet I personally would giggle if I heard it and gently correct the person who said it.

Chances are they didnt know any better.:wink:

Using the word cookie for the Eucharist is probably acceptable if you are:
under age 7;
have a form of aphasia (can’t remember the word);
not Catholic.

Ellen: I agree with you 100percent. Some folks are anti-Catholic in a very mean way and I can see them saying something like “what do you eat cookies every week thats your way to go out and sin again”…

(there may be some persons who just dont realize what they are sayin or perhaps a child called it a cookie?)…

I would say “yes”, it is disrespectful.

After the consecration at Mass, it is no longer bread but God Incarnate. Would you refer to God as a cookie?

Only after consecration is it disrespectful. Before consecration it is only a wafer or a cookie or just a piece oif bread.

Nothing more.

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