Is Catholicism another Christian Denomination?

What’s your vote on this poll I will create?

My vote:

No, It is the one true Church.:slight_smile:

It is the one and true Church. :slight_smile: This article addresses the question well:

It’s another denomination.
The woods are full of “One True Churches” :wink:

Can any one tell where I can find a tree branch chart of the reformation.

There are two kinds
[/LIST]one shows the Catholic church as one branch amoung the others and
[/LIST]one shows the church as the trunk that was one(East/west) until the reformation. And even then the trunk is still the trunk. usually they show the Jewish roots as actual roots.

Im looking for that second kind since it is more accurate.

Well, I know the one you mean, but I think Sand’s saying that others make the claim too. I am sure they do this by claiming the CC went into apostacy.

Same old song and dance.:rolleyes:

It’s just another denomination.

I voted:

          It's the one true Church.

I myself voted one true church.:slight_smile: I don’t think the Catholic Church is a denomination.

I voted it is the denomination that holds the fullness of the truth. And I believe it is the one true church. I think denomination means we are called as a group by the same name, and we are, aren’t we?

Then again, you might take the point that before schism and reformation we were not a denomination, we were just the Christian Church, a body of believers.

This is the one on WIKI, will You post others that you have found?
tree branch chart of the reformation.

The Catholic Church is the Church Jesus founded, is my vote.

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